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Integration and Automation

Security systems integration

To be implemented in Axxon One 2.0

Axxon One integrates access control, fire/security alarm, and perimeter protection systems. It links camera videos to events occurring in the connected systems and allows for monitoring and controlling security devices using the interactive map and dedicated boards. An operator can quickly locate an alarm or access event and get the corresponding footage to assess the situation.

Integration with third-party systems

Receive and process event data from external systems

Connect to external devices and systems: access control systems, security control panels, third-party software, and more. Axxon One can:

  • Accept external events.
  • Save them into its database.
  • Cross-reference events with recorded video.
  • Search events by a text string.
  • Display event data in real time in a separate pane.
  • Show events as captions on top of video.


Customizable event response scenarios

Axxon One supports flexible configuration of complex system response to any specified set of events. Use IF…THEN logic to create a macro that automatically performs an unlimited number of actions in the system. Macros allow programming reactions to particular events at system and device level.

Technical specifications

A convenient table view of Axxon One VMS core functions, special features, video analytics, and supported devices and standards. 

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PDF version of the complete Axxon One presentation containing detailed information about our advanced video management software. 

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Detailed information about Axxon One VMS features and technologies in a PDF format.  

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