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Data Centers Security Solution

Data is now literally the most valuable resource in the world, so data centers are today’s Fort Knox. They are a core element of the modern economy. They are critical infrastructure. Any unauthorized interference with the functioning of a data center may interrupt the activities of hundreds of businesses.

To ensure flawless data center operation, an efficient, intelligent security system is needed. AxxonSoft offers AI-powered, integrated solutions to protect data centers from diverse threats and increase the efficiency of security staff.

AxxonSoft Solution Provides Intelligent Security Inside and Outside the Data Centers

  • Continuous, convenient video monitoring of the entire data center perimeter and territory
  • Efficient video investigation
  • Workplace safety enhancement
  • Control of staff access to different areas
  • Control of vehicle access to the data center parking
  • Earlier and more reliable detection of fire hotspots.
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AxxonSoft Features and Technologies for Data Centers

Staff Access Control

For data centers, it is crucial to manage access of own employees and third-party professionals to their critical infrastructure. AxxonSoft access control solution enables flexible configuration of access rights to different areas according to specified schedules, including the issuing of temporary guest cards. All passages through access points are recorded, and integration with video surveillance allows for linking access events to video footage.

Access control integration
Biometric Identification

For controlling access to critical areas, you can add biometric identification that only grants access when the biometrics match the data linked to an ID. For instance, access may be granted only when the face captured by the camera at the entrance matches the access card owner’s photo in the database. You can also combine any other types of IDs in multifactor scenarios that comprise fingerprint reading, palm scanning, PIN code entering, etc.

Facial recognition
Vehicle Access Control

AxxonSoft license plate recognition system enables you to automate access to the datacenter parking lot for both staff and guest cars, which minimizes the risk of violations and streamlines operations. It supports both server-side recognition and ANPR cameras and checks LP numbers against the database to grant or deny access to the territory. The time and date, plate number, and video are recorded for all car entrances and exits.

License plate recognition
Workplace Safety Enhancement

AxxonSoft AI behavior analytics detects situations of risk early on based on specific human postures. This can help in labor safety enforcement, for instance, by using the handrail holding detection tool that notifies of people not holding a handrail where it is mandatory. The man-down detection analytics swiftly alerts the staff in charge of a human lying down, e.g., due to electric shock, which enables urgent measures to be timely taken.

AI behavior analytics
Early Detection of Fires

Intelligent fire and smoke detection may be applied as a complement to traditional sensors. Neural network video analytics can detect a fire at its earliest stage when a visible flame or smoke appears. Combining several types of detectors and giving the operator additional visual control maximizes the reliability of your fire detection capabilities. In a situation where every second counts, this can lead to a significant reduction in damage.

AI fire and smoke detection
Quick Video Investigation

AxxonSoft offers intelligent technologies to help you track down valuable information in the abundance of video data generated by hundreds of cameras. You can quickly find what you need using the search by faces, license plates, and object trajectories and their features. This makes video footage retrieval interactive and helps hugely reduce the time spent on video investigations, maximizing the efficiency of your security staff.

Intelligent search tools
AI Training for Specific Tasks

Having extensive experience in the deployment of AI video analytics at hundreds of sites, AxxonSoft offers a unique neural network training service for handling your specific tasks. Monitoring the use of PPE, tracking and counting particular objects, at day and night, from unusual viewing angles, in difficult weather, in IR and visible light — custom-trained AI analytics works with high accuracy even under the most challenging conditions.

Custom AI video analytics
Video Wall Management

A video surveillance system will not be efficient without convenient operator’s tools. AxxonSoft offers a set of such tools, e.g., video wall management. You do not need to use dedicated hardware controllers — just designate a client computer or several computers as a video wall and control them from any workstation connected to the system. In addition, GPU video decoding helps build large video walls based on average performance computers.

Video monitoring tools

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of AxxonSoft Solutions Implementation

Academic Computer Centre Cyfronet AGH: Axxon PSIM + Pelco cameras
Academic Computer Centre Cyfronet AGH: Axxon PSIM + Pelco cameras
Academic Computer Centre Cyfronet AGH: Axxon PSIM + Pelco cameras

To protect intellectual property and high-value computing hardware, Cyfronet AGH management decided to equip the site with a modern security system that is convenient for Centre employees while simultaneously guaranteeing the integrity of all memory devices and research data.

Axxon PSIM makes Turin a safer city
Axxon PSIM makes Turin a safer city
Axxon PSIM makes Turin a safer city

The second stage of the implementation of the Safe City Turin project has been completed in Italy. An integrated security system now helps the municipal police deter drug crime and provide timely response on all sorts of incidents.

AxxonSoft PSIM protecting the Madrid Stock Exchange
AxxonSoft PSIM protecting the Madrid Stock Exchange
AxxonSoft PSIM protecting the Madrid Stock Exchange

For over four years now, the Axxon PSIM has protected the Madrid Stock Exchange effectively and reliably. With ongoing modernization of the Exchange's video security infrastructure, even more exciting Intellect-enabled capabilities are in store.

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