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Live Video Mode

Interactive 3D map

Show video on a site map

Interactive 3D map superimposes camera locations on a site map and displays camera views in the same window. You can instantly pinpoint where a selected camera is located. Cameras in the current layout are color-coded by their status.

In Immersion mode, a semi-transparent video is superimposed on the map. This makes it easy to see where an object is located and where it is going.


Effective control over extended areas

With FrameMerge, you can:

  • Combine a panoramic view from up to 3 camera feeds.
  • View the resulting video in Live or Archive mode.
  • Export panoramic videos to standard .avi or .mkv files.
  • Select and zoom into any part of the panoramic image in a linked Dialog Board.


Use multiple cameras to track objects

Tag&Track Lite

  • All cameras are linked to a site map.
  • Operator selects a moving object to track.
  • If the object leaves the field of view of one camera, Axxon One predicts where it will appear next.
  • The “destination” camera is highlighted in the current layout.
  • Tag&Track Lite also works in Immersion and Archive mode.

Tag&Track Pro

  • Get the “big picture” of everything happening at a site with fixed cameras.
  • Obtain detailed imagery of the objects moving around it with PTZ cameras.
  • A PTZ camera automatically tracks objects across multiple fixed cameras.
  • Both sets of images can be recorded, which is important for event investigation.


Track and zoom in on moving objects

Autozoom automatically follows objects in the field of view. Enlarges the area of the scene in which moving objects are located and follows the objects as they move. Works both with fixed cameras (via digital zoom) and fisheye cameras.


Image dewarping

Support for fisheye cameras

Image correction (dewarping) is performed on the GPU of the client computer, without any additional burden on the CPU. Several normal, dewarped images with different aspect ratios are displayed on the client screen. Axxon One supports standard fisheye-lens cameras as well as Immervision panomorph lenses.

Video wall management

Incredibly useful for monitoring hubs

Effective management of video walls and layouts at large distributed sites:

  • Send any available layout to any client computer within the system.
  • Draw operator’s attention to an event captured by one of the cameras in the layout.
  • Show an event to all operators by sending the relevant layout to a video wall.
  • Designate any client computer with sufficient monitors as a video wall.
  • Manage it from any remote client connected to any server within the Axxon domain.
Technical specifications

A convenient table view of Axxon One core functions, special features, video analytics, and supported devices and standards.

View specs

PDF version of the complete Axxon One presentation containing detailed information about the product.

Download .pdf

Detailed information about Axxon One features and technologies in a pdf format.

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