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Custom AI Video Analytics

AxxonSoft has at its command a full cycle for Artificial Intelligence video analytics development. This enables us to implement a turnkey AI training program to meet your specific security and business needs. We train neural networks to tackle out-of-the-ordinary projects or to work in tricky surveillance conditions, which include unusual viewing angles, difficult lighting, particular object types, thermal camera use, etc. 

How We Train AI

AxxonSoft has a dedicated department that trains neural networks to handle client-specific cases. We use video material from the installation site, and typically from thousands to tens of thousands labeled frames are required — all the images need to be marked up to identify the objects that will be detected. When the process is done correctly, the trained neural network works well even under the most challenging conditions. 

Examples of Custom AI Analytics

Human detection
Human detection
Different objects detection and counting
Different objects detection and counting
PPE detection (hard hat and hi-vis vest)
PPE detection (hard hat and hi-vis vest)
Analytics Seamless Integration

Our AI analytics are seamlessly integrated into our Axxon One VMS so that you can use them in the way you use standard built-in tools such as motion detection. AI detection of specific objects can be combined with traditional tools like zone entry, line crossing, and others. Thanks to this, you can, for instance, detect human presence in hazardous areas with working machines in the background or accurately detect intrusion of people into a protected perimeter, ignoring animals, birds and insects, precipitation, foliage movement, etc. 

What is Axxon One?

How Can I Give It a Try?

We have implemented dozens of systems based on custom-trained neural networks. Contact us, and we will estimate if there is a ready-made solution to your task, or one of the existing solutions can be refined to your site conditions, or we can create a solution from scratch, and what is needed for that.