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Remote Access

Cross-System Client

Manage independent systems in the same interface

Cross-System Client is useful at geographically distributed sites or multiple-location chains, such as retail stores or gas stations. You can configure and operate remote surveillance systems on a single client workstation:

  • Connect a single client workstation to multiple surveillance servers on different domains.
  • All settings and cameras associated with these servers are consolidated in a single convenient view.
  • Operators can access multiple independent surveillance systems simultaneously.

Web Client

Video monitoring in your browser

The Web Client connects securely over the HTTPS protocol. It supports H.264, H.265, MJPEG, desktop client’s layouts, and multi-streaming cameras.

You can:

  • View live and recorded video with sound.
  • Search recorded video by faces, plate numbers, events, criteria (MomentQuest), and time intervals (TimeSlice).
  • View motion heat map.
  • View alarm events.
  • Work with bookmarks.
  • Control PTZ cameras.
  • Apply digital zoom.
  • Export still frames and videos.
  • View camera and video archive statistics.

AxxonNet cloud service

Remote video monitoring and event notification

AxxonNet is a free cloud service that connects to your Axxon One VMS servers via the Internet. TLS encryption ensures secure data transmission.

You can:

  • Use all Web Client’s features for live and recorded video.
  • Create users and roles for your Axxon One VMS.
  • Receive email notifications on events of pre-defined types. Event videos/still frames are saved to the cloud and can be viewed by clicking the link in the notification message.
  • Send push notifications on certain events to mobile clients.
  • Store and activate Axxon One license files.

Mobile clients

Free apps for iOS, Android, and Apple TV

With our apps, you can:

  • View live and recorded video.
  • Control PTZ cameras.
  • Work with fisheye cameras.
  • Use digital zoom.
  • Receive push notifications.
  • Run macros.
  • Use maps.

Technical specifications

A convenient table view of Axxon One VMS core functions, special features, video analytics, and supported devices and standards. 

View specs

PDF version of the complete Axxon One presentation containing detailed information about our advanced video management software. 

Download .pdf

Detailed information about Axxon One VMS features and technologies in a PDF format.  

Download .pdf