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Technically Speaking

How does Axxon PSIM software work? We answer a few of your technical questions here.

What is the architecture of Axxon PSIM?

Axxon PSIM software forgoes classic client-server and three-tiered architecture for a distributed model. Axxon PSIM uses three components: server, client, and gateway. The servers form a network segment with a peer-to-peer structure, and all data or event connections are server-to-server where possible. Clients connect to one or many servers directly or through gateways. 

Gateways serve as traffic routers and optimizers, defining segments of the distributed network. A peer-to-peer Axxon PSIM network takes advantage of several types of connectivity (LAN, WAN, mobile) between participants in a network and their cumulative bandwidth, rather than conventional centralized resources where a relatively small number of servers provide the core value to a service or application. 

A distributed approach means that Axxon PSIM is highly reliable and fail-safe. If a problem arises in a module or network link, Axxon PSIM automatically switches over to another functioning server. 

The server component of Axxon PSIM currently runs on NT, Linux, and AIX machines.

Is Axxon PSIM compatible with our cameras, sensors, and other devices?

AxxonSoft has worked extensively with major hardware manufacturers and third parties to provide unparalleled compatibility out of the box. Please fill in our Contact Us form to reach out to one of our product managers and confirm that your device is listed. Even if you’re using equipment that we haven’t planned for, don’t worry we have you covered. Axxon PSIM open architecture and object orientation means that we or our partners can provide drivers or connectors for your hardware. With Axxon PSIM, there's no need to upgrade your hardware until you’re ready to grow. 

What is Axxon PSIM built on?

Axxon PSIM is coded in industry-standard C++. From the ground up, Axxon PSIM uses an object-oriented approach anything connected to it (a camera, for example) is represented as a consistent abstraction to the end user. Users don’t have to worry about the type of camera, how it’s connected, or where it’s mounted. They can control all the cameras (or other sensors) the same way. 

From what kind of terminals can users access Axxon PSIM?

Any user with a Windows workstation can be set up to use Axxon PSIM. For mobile users, Axxon provides a special module that extends Axxon PSIM access to cell phones, PDAs, vertical tablet hardware, and other devices.

The heart of Axxon PSIM

Learn more about Axxon PSIM core functions and how they work together to make your safety and security a sure thing.