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Cloud-Managed VMS

AxxonNet is a free cloud service for monitoring and managing on-premises Axxon One video surveillance systems that connects to on-site servers via the Internet. Such a setup is often called a cloud-managed system. AxxonNet enables convenient and secure remote video monitoring, building custom reports on video analytics data, and centralized management of watchlists for real-time facial and license plate recognition.

Easy Remote Access

With AxxonNet, you can quickly and easily connect to VMS servers in different locations using a standard web browser or mobile client application. It is a handy and efficient way to monitor all your sites via the Internet wherever you are.

Strong Cybersecurity

All connections between servers, the cloud, and clients use the secure HTTPS protocol with TLS encryption. AxxonNet also applies a comprehensive security policy to ensure user data safety and protect the system from unauthorized interference.

Informative Reports

How many shoppers have visited your store during the day, and what are their demographics? What are the hours of maximum queues? When did employees come to the office and leave? You can obtain actionable data from any site in a convenient form.

AxxonNet Features

Web Client
Web Client

The web client is a streamlined user interface that works in standard web browsers. You can configure layouts, use smart search in recorded video, view alarm events and motion heat maps, work with bookmarks, control PTZ cameras, export still frames and videos, view camera and video archive statistics, and conveniently handle a variety of other video surveillance tasks.

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Mobile Client
Mobile Client

The AxxonNet mobile application features different camera display modes, PTZ control, quick event and face search, video and still frame export and sharing, push notifications with one-tap jumping to video recordings, Google Maps and OpenStreetMap support, fisheye camera image dewarping, and other advanced capabilities. It is available for iOS, Android, and Wear OS.

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Reports and Dashboards
Reports and Dashboards

AxxonNet collects video analytics data from connected Axxon One servers and builds various reports. You can configure dashboards containing custom reports and other widgets for data representation. With dashboards, it’s easy to visualize, analyze, and share information with other users of the video surveillance system. You can also send reports by email on schedule.

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Along with secure HTTPS connections, the list of cybersecurity features includes user password hashing, password expiry and history, password strength control, reCAPTCHA v3 on the login screen, account lockout after several failed login attempts, auto-logout after a set period of inactivity, and long-term inactive account locking, with reactivation by email.

Managing Watchlists
Managing Watchlists

AxxonNet enables you to create face and number plate watchlists, then automatically syncs them across Axxon One servers connected to the cloud. You can configure list-specific response scenarios and apply facial/license plate recognition, for instance, to notify retail staff of VIP and/or unwanted visitor arrivals, using a single watchlist for all stores in the chain.

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