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Tag&Track Pro

Stay on top of shifting conditions with many moving objects

Tag&Track Pro allows simultaneously getting the big picture of everything happening at a protected site while obtaining detailed imagery of the objects moving around it, by locking onto them and continuing to track them across multiple cameras. Both sets of images can be recorded for later use, which is important for event investigation.

The feature requires at least two cameras: one is a fixed camera, the second one is a PTZ camera. The fixed camera is configured with a tracker, which detects objects moving in the frame and calculates their coordinates. Several fixed cameras can be linked with a single PTZ unit.

The object's coordinates in the field of view are mathematically converted into the pan/tilt/zoom values necessary for the PTZ camera to track the object. This continues until the object leaves the field of view or the user selects another object.

Tag&Track Pro offers three modes:

Predict object trajectories and easily monitor in real time

Tag&Track Lite makes surveillance easier by predicting the camera in front of which an object will appear after it leaves the field of view of another camera.

For this feature to work, all cameras are linked to a site map: the position of the cameras and their fields of view are specified on the map. The operator selects a moving object to track. If the object leaves the field of view of one camera, Axxon Next calculates its trajectory and determines the camera in front of which the object will appear next. The potential destination camera is highlighted in the current layout.

Note: Tag&Track Pro technology will be available starting from Axxon Next 4.0 version.

Download Tag&Track Pro Data sheet