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Support for analog cameras in Axxon Next

Alongside IP cameras, Axxon Next allows you to use analog cameras in your video surveillance system. Analog cameras are more affordable and are well-suited for many installations without high video resolution requirements. In addition, Axxon Next allows creating hybrid systems that combine both analog and IP cameras. This makes it possible to maintain high-resolution surveillance in key areas of a site, while saving on the cost of equipment used in other areas.

For digitizing analog video signals, Axxon Next uses SC3B0N16 capture cards with hardware video compression*. On-card hardware compression offloads video tasks from the server CPU, which enables handling a larger number of video channels on a single server.

SC3B0N16 technical specifications

Model SC3B0N16
Interface PCI Express x1
Number of video channels 16
Supported video codecs H.264
Available video resolutions CIF, 2CIF (Half D1), 4CIF (D1)
Maximum per-channel frame rate PAL 25 fps
NTSC 30 fps
Number of audio input/output channels -/-
Audio codec -
Number of alarm system loops (sensors) -
Number of output controllers (relays) -
Number of PTZ control channels -
Video analytics -

* A two-year warranty is provided for the video capture cards used with AxxonSoft products.