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AxxonSoft Management Team

Murat Altuev Murat Altuev
Founder and CEO

M.Sc. Computer Science. Murat began his career as a digital video surveillance programmer, the fastest growing and most innovative area of security technology development at that time. In 2003 he assembled the industry's most influential security software experts — leaders who had been around since the birth of the field — and formed AxxonSoft. With such a strong foundation, the company quickly became the industry's leading security software solution developer.

Axxon Intellect, the universal IP-based security management platform, was born under Murat's direction and quickly grew to become Axxon's key offering. His leadership also saw the development of other advanced technologies, such as FrameMerge, MomentQuest, and Motion Wavelet. His commitment to innovation keeps AxxonSoft employees inspired and challenged, and he credits them with the company's success.

Currently, Murat is focused on directing AxxonSoft technological development research and strategy, and business development.

Alan Ataev Alan Ataev
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Alan has over 11 years of exclusive video and security experience, having directed and established as many as 26 offices worldwide. He has an extensive understanding and knowledge of all aspects of Artificial Intelligence, financial forecasting, digital marketing and sales management, market analysis studies, CRM systems and management of information systems.

After joining AxxonSoft in 2008, Alan has held various positions such as Regional Sales Director, Sales Manager and Product Trainer for AxxonSoft Singapore, Asia.

Alan has led AxxonSoft’s Global Sales since 2012 with operations in Fremont, CA. In 2019, he was appointed as AxxonSoft’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.

Having graduated with Honors in Applied Economic Informatics, Alan completed his executive education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing.

Colleen Glaeser Colleen Glaeser
Global PR director

Colleen is a seasoned business executive who has lead in the technology sector for over 25 years having established and excelled with AxxonSoft in her own region since 2015.

Qualified in Business and Marketing Management and with extensive experience in sales leadership, psychology and public speaking, Colleen was appointed as Global PR Director for AxxonSoft in 2018.

Colleen has a deep understanding of the technology industry and the science of Marketing. She combines those elegantly to bring forth an innovative, tactical and strategic approach to branding and marketing and has the unique ability to extract the full potential of her team to deliver on the transformative outputs and innovation to the company.

Eric Lee Eric Lee
Co-founder, Taiwan

Eric Lee graduated from the National Taipei University with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting. He began his career in a bank for 5 years, CFO for 10 years in a listed Taiwaness company. He has been working with Axxonsoft since 2003.

Nelson Tee Nelson Tee
Business development director Asia, Singapore

Nelson was a construction tradesman up until 1991 when he started his own construction company in Singapore. In 1999, Nelson decided to diversify his portfolio andstarted his own Security Systems business. The first act of his diversification into the business was to be a regional master distributor for Visonic products, and have been ever since. In 2003, Nelson achieved another milestone in his Security Systems business by partnering Mr. Murat Altuev in being the distributor for ITVproducts.In 2009the partnership became stronger when ITV was rebranded as Axxon and instead as a distributor, an official office was set up in Asia to position Axxon as the premier solutions provider in Asia.

In 2011, Nelson reached the pinnacle of his Security Systems career by being elected as the President of the Specialists Trade Alliance of Singapore wherehe served the maximum 3 terms. After the maximum terms, he was then elected as Honorary President in 2017.

He is also the current President of the Security Systems Association of Singapore. He is also ownerand founder of CHH Construction System Pte Ltd and Managing Director of Axxonsoft Asia Pte Ltd.

Pawel Trojak Pawel Trojak
Business development director Europe, Poland

Master of Law, Pawel has 20 years experience in the security industry. Previously worked with JVC, Motorola, Maxon.

Andres Quevedo Andres Quevedo
Business development director Latin America, Argentina

M.Sc. Computer Science from Universidad Tecnologica Nacional (UTN), Argentina. MBA in UCEMA. Artificial Intelligence professor at UCEMA.

Andres started his career as a programmer. Then he specialized as senior consultant in Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing having developed his career in Argentina and USA.

After that he focused on business development in the IT market with specialization in vertical markets such as Oil and Gas, Transportation, Government, Industry, with a regional (Latin America) responsibilities dealing with business partners from Europe, Asia, and USA.

In the last 8 years Andres has developed AxxonSoft brand/products in Latin America with success cases in almost all countries in the region. He is focusing on Axxon Next and Intellect, positioning solutions in PSIM, video analytics (Face recognition, LPR, POS integration) areas, as well as integration with third party solutions.

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