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K12 Schools & Universities Solution

For children and adolescents, schools are places where they acquire not only knowledge but also life experience and social, communication, and creative skills. The task of a school security system in K12 schools and universities is to ensure both the physical safety of students, staff, and faculty and a comfortable atmosphere free from conflicts and bullying. Reduce the number of accidents and acts of physical and psychological violence and corruption using advanced AxxonSoft school security solutions.

Education Integrated Security Whitepaper by AxxonSoft

Integrated security systems in education
al institutions provide the following benefits:

  • Increased school security thanks to round-the-clock monitoring of the behavior and movement of people in all spaces and on adjacent territories, as well as inside school and tour buses.
  • Less misbehavior and fewer violations due to the inevitability of punishment.
  • Reduced tardiness and truancy among students.
  • Monitoring of the passage of unauthorized persons into the grounds and buildings of the educational institution.
  • Monitoring of emergencies and prompt response to them.
  • Monitoring of improper behavior of teachers toward students.
  • Implementation of measures to ensure the safety of property.
  • Prevention of the distribution and use of drugs, alcohol, and smoking on the grounds of the educational institution.
  • Monitoring of conflict situations involving a group of students aimed at a single person.
  • Impartial analysis of the circumstances of incidents and conflicts using video camera footage.
  • Assessment of the quality of the learning process.
  • Reduction of costs for the security of the educational institution.
  • Increased prestige of the learning institution.
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Improve the Security of Schools, Colleges, and Universities with AxxonSoft Solutions

Build а Unified Security Solution

Integrate video surveillance with access control in schools, perimeter intrusion detection, and fire/security alarms for schools to instantly receive videos from alarm locations and get recordings of anyone coming or going.

Axxon One
Discourage Vaping

Install vape detectors to measure the content of air for harmful chemicals. Alert faculty when and where students vape on school grounds and trigger recording to get video evidence.

HALO sensor integration
Detect People in Certain Areas

Accurately detect people in complex scenes, even in total darkness (using thermal school cameras). Apply scheduled detection to control unauthorized human presence in the specified locations.

AI object detection
Analyze Human Behavior

Recognize situations of risk early on by detecting specific human postures such as a person lying on the floor or ground, etc. Swiftly alert first responders to minimize negative outcomes.

AI behavior analytics
Get Footage Faster

Specify the search criteria and retrieve the recorded footage within seconds. Find persons by photos and vehicles by plate numbers. Reduce the time spent on video investigations.

Intelligent search
Detect Fires Early

Reduce fire damage by detecting flame and smoke early and in areas where other types of sensors are ineffective, e.g., in open spaces such as a campus territory or a school stadium.

AI fire/smoke detection
Analyze Foot Traffic

Identify bottlenecks and high-traffic areas to better plan student evacuation routes in the event of an emergency. Recognize unusual traffic patterns to reveal illegal activities such as drug distribution.

Motion heat mapping
Enhance Security All Around

Leverage LPR License Plate Recognition to monitor and manage parking lots more efficiently. Control vehicle access to the school or university territory and quickly find the car of interest in case of an incident.

License plate recognition
Use Cloud Monitoring

Monitor multiple sites in different locations. Get notifications on critical events. Build custom reports based on video analytics data. Manage human/vehicle watchlists centrally.

Cloud-managed VMS

Educational Institutions Security System
Setup and Deployment

Each educational institution has its own distinctive aspects which should be considered when designing a school security system.

Schools, Colleges, and Universities
Schools, Colleges, and Universities

The very fact of video monitoring helps to improve discipline in the school and forces adolescents with criminal intentions to think about the consequences of their actions. Extortion, threats, bullying and violence toward any student, even if it takes place in the farthest and most out-of-the-way corners of the school, will be recorded by school security cameras and will not go unpunished.

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A university campus is like a lively mini city with a constant stream of students and instructors. Besides the main university building it includes many other buildings and structures distributed throughout the grounds: dormitories, libraries, sports complexes and athletic fields, laboratories, administrative and maintenance buildings, cafeterias, gazebos, etc. Each building on campus has its own peculiarities, which means it has different security requirements.

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Case Studies: Real-World Applications of School Security Solutions

Implementing effective school security systems is crucial for creating a safe learning environment. At AxxonSoft, we have successfully deployed our advanced education security solutions across various educational institutions. These case studies highlight how our tailored security solutions for schools have been pivotal in ensuring the safety of students, staff, and faculty. Learn about the measurable benefits achieved through these implementations.

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