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Casino Security & Surveillance: Advanced Camera Systems

Casinos are high-risk environments, and a robust security and video surveillance system, utilizing advanced casino cameras, is essential. Casinos and gambling establishments are places where big money, crowds, thrill and alcohol are concentrated in one confined space. The combination of these elements greatly increases the risk of crime and incidents. AxxonSoft’s security and video surveillance system is a vital solution for the gaming and casino industry. It helps gaming establishments to provide excellent customer service and safety by preventing fraud and crimes and quickly investigating them, so that customers can enjoy their games.

AxxonSoft Solution Helps to Increase Casino Security and Efficiency:

  • Full coverage of high traffic areas
  • Quick response to undesirable behavior
  • Quick detection, recognition, and tracking of persons of interest throughout the premises
  • Capturing details and accurate detection in difficult lighting conditions
  • Support for 4K and Ultra HD casino cameras to take a closer look at the players at a table even in dimmed light
  • Detection of cheating on tables and slots, dealer errors, ATM thefts
  • Rapid suppression of fights and other signs of dangerous behavior
  • Compliance with industry regulations and legislative requirements
  • Continuous operation and instant alerting about equipment malfunction
  • Learning visitor demographics and numbers and analyzing their behavior to optimize marketing activities
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AxxonSoft Features and Technologies for Casinos & Gaming Security Surveillance

Face Recognition and ANPR

Security system with integrated facial recognition and ANPR that allows you to perform an allow list/block list check for each customer and car. This way, you can not only quickly detect known offenders or wanted persons but also pay careful attention to gamers with addiction problems or provide a special welcome and personalized services to VIPs.

AI-powered analytics
Detection and Quick Response to Undesirable Behavior

Behavior Analytics in casino surveillance systems recognizes risk situations at an early stage by identifying specific human postures. In casinos and gambling establishments, behavioral analytics helps to identify attempts to hack into slot machines and ATMs, armed robberies, and attacks on croupiers and casino employees. Swift alerts to first responders minimize the risks for individuals, groups, and facilities using casino surveillance cameras.

Behavior Analytics
Support for HD Cameras without Sacrificing System Performance

AxxonSoft’s software is compatible with the most advanced HD and 4K casino cameras with extreme magnification to keep the highest video surveillance standards. You can use a larger number of HD cameras in the system and capture subtle hand gestures even under adverse lighting without worrying about the video server load or any glitches in live and recorded video.

GreenStream feature
Instant Search for Any Person, Object, or Event

AxxonSoft’s security solution provides you with the tools to retrieve recorded footage of an event of interest, person, or vehicle by specifying the necessary criteria. Within seconds, the casino surveillance system displays thumbnails of relevant video episodes.

Quick smart search
AI Training for Specific Tasks

We implement a turnkey AI video analytics training program to meet your specific needs in casino security. We leverage your system with neural networks trained using videos from your actual gambling establishment and suited to your specific tasks, ensuring the highest possible accuracy in casino surveillance.

Train your AI
Learning Players’ Demographics and Preferences for Better Efficiency

The smart combination of video analytics and AI tools enables you to collect a large amount of data useful for marketing activities and to increase the casino’s profitability. Visitor counting, guesstimating players’ age and gender, determining the most popular games and casino halls at different times will help you plan marketing activities and better interact with your customers, improving their experience and service quality.

Know your customer
Easy Integration and Wide List of Supported IP Devices

AxxonSoft’s solution provides easy integration of casino surveillance systems with any other third-party casino and gaming security systems, such as access control, communication systems, perimeter intrusion detection, POS, fire detection systems, etc. AxxonSoft products support more than 10,000 IP edge devices via ONVIF and proprietary protocols.

Integration capabilities

Casinos & Gaming Security System Setup and Deployment

AxxonSoft’s solution helps increase casino efficiency and security in a wide variety of ways — from surveillance and video analysis to marketing optimization and more — all using advanced camera casino technology and casino surveillance cameras.

Security in Gaming Zones
Security in Adjacent Areas

Security in Gaming Zones

Inside casinos and gambling halls there is a round-the-clock flow of people. The security system of such facilities should provide tools to allow operators to quickly find the right person or object in this flow and examine it in detail as and when necessary. It is also important for the system to be able to automatically signal a likely hazardous situation, which can be determined by unusual human behavior. Today, the AxxonSoft security system can detect the first signs of an armed robbery and the hacking of a slot machine or ATM. It is also possible to train a neural network to identify other situations specific to each site.

Security in Adjacent Areas

Typically, casinos and gambling establishments also have associated departments such as parking lots, bars, restaurants, and even hotels. AxxonSoft’s solution provides all the necessary tools to ensure the security of these departments, as well as to increase the comfort level of their customers. For example, it helps with queues detection and their quick elimination by calling additional employees. Also, visitor counting tools and activity heat maps help optimize customer service processes. And, of course, there are tools for preventing and quickly investigating alarm events with a casino surveillance system.

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