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Behavior Analytics

Recognize potentially dangerous situations by detecting specific human postures.

Skeleton Analysis

  • The skeleton of the silhouette is segmented into separate pieces of the body. The system identifies the positions of the body parts to detect the pose
  • Enhance security for law enforcement facilities, schools, airports, banks, commercial spaces, or office buildings. Detect suspicious, anomalous, or deviant behavior.

ATM Attack/Crime Detection

  • Provide early warning to the centralized video surveillance system.
  • Detect suspicious squatting or climbing activity near a cash machine that may indicate an attempt to disable/remove the security alarm system or place an explosive.
  • Alert security personnel to take proactive actions before cash is stolen from ATMs.
  • This ability can be deployed at any site with ATMs: banks, gas stations, convenience stores, etc.

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Man Down Detection

  • Detect persons lying on the floor or ground for extended periods of time.
  • Use high-resolution thermal cameras that help clearly visualize the location and position of an individual, even in total darkness.
  • This ability is essential for hospitals, senior living facilities, and home care.

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