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Retail Solution

Reshape commercial security systems by protecting clients, staff, and assets with AxxonSoft. Reach more customers and deliver individualized experiences your customers can trust. Build an intelligent security system with AxxonSoft’s Retail Solutions that go beyond typical video surveillance systems. A Retail Solution is specific to your business and steps ahead of standard video surveillance by implementing AI-powered Business Intelligence Analysis. 

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Retail Business and Security Tasks AxxonSoft Helps to Safeguard

  • Operational efficiency and customer service enhancing 
  • Shoplifting and employee theft 
  • Acts of fraud 
  • Shopper behavior analysis 
  • Ecosystem to respond immediately to active alarms 
  • Asset protection and shrinkage reduction 
  • Staff errors 
  • Parking area security 
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Dedicated AxxonSoft
Features and Technologies

Analyze Foot Traffic

Analyze foot traffic and enable a comprehensive evaluation of sales conversion rates and customer acquisition efficiency with the visitor counter

Visitor counter
Comply with Anti-Pandemic Restrictions

Integrate seamlessly with commercial security systems to regulate the number of customers in the store. Utilizing a visitor counter that combines data from multiple entrances, our solutions provide real-time occupancy monitoring. 

Occupancy monitoring
Identify VIP Clients and Offenders

Ensure an extra layer of security with an integration of AI facial recognition technology. Recognize known shoplifters or any other subjects of interest right at the door and notify store personnel. 

Facial recognition
Use Demographic Data

Collect shopper demographic data for customer analysis, digital signage targeting, and other marketing purposes with the help of advanced video analytics software with facial recognition. 

Age and gender guesstimation
Supervise Cashier Operations

Get a complete picture of what is happening at the checkout based on data from cash registers linked to video feeds.

POS supervision
Manage Human Resources

Know how many customers are in lines to facilitate the handling of human resources in both the short- and long-term.

Queue detection
Analyze Shopper Behavior

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and store performance. Utilize our system for in-depth customer analytics in retail. Get a graphic representation of the number of visitors and time spent in different store areas: in front of stands, showcases, shelves, etc.

Heat mapping
Get Comprehensive Reports

Use any specific or combined data from the Retail Solution tools to build custom online reports for any store in the retail chain.

AxxonNet reports
Show Video on a Site Map

Ensure a secure environment quickly navigating between cameras split across multiple stores and instantly pinpoint where a selected camera is located.

Interactive map

For Single or Multiple Stores

Whether you operate a small retail store or a large chain, our solutions cater to diverse needs, offering the best security system for a retail store. Our commitment to providing advanced functionality or streamlined security ensures that your retail space receives the tailored protection it needs. 

Central Management
Multisite Centers
Single-Site Stores

Central Management

Achieve centralized control with AxxonSoft VMS software. Manage multiple locations seamlessly, ensuring the security of your entire retail chain with intelligent video surveillance and close integration with systems across retail branches and their headquarters. 

Multisite Centers

Seamlessly integrate with diverse retail store security systems across different buildings within a shopping center. Scale the security infrastructure based on the specific needs of individual buildings or shops within the multisite center. 

Single-Site Stores

A streamlined VMS solution suitable for convenience and security of stores, boutiques, restaurants, cafés, and kiosks. Utilize a small number of cameras with basic functionality, addressing essential security needs without unnecessary complexity. 

Retail White Paper

Discover how to successfully deploy truly intelligent retail solution with advanced video analytics. Best practices for the implementation of retail security solutions and retail loss prevention systems.


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