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Queue Length detection tool

Queue Length detection tool

The Queue Length detection tool measures the load on points of client service. Information about service load is useful in:

  • retail
  • transportation (bus and railway stations, airports, subway stations)
  • banks and companies without e-queuing systems
  • entertainment and recreation establishments

By knowing the line length, management can:

  • optimize employee work schedules
  • redesign floor plans
  • increase or decrease the number of points of service

How it works

The detection tool counts the number of people who are standing in line, based on the image from the video camera aimed at the line area. To configure the detection tool, do the following:

  • Set an area in the video image in which the detection tool will count the number of standing people.
  • Calibrate the approximate size of a person in the image.

The detection tool is based on "prolonged presence": it counts people who remain in the selected area for a specified length of time, in other words, only the people who are truly waiting in line. The detection tool does not count people who stop for a short time, such as to look at a schedule or ask a cashier a question. The detection tool also correctly interprets the situation when a person standing in line moves slightly, such as when shifting weight to another leg.

The number of people in line can be viewed in real time or through web reports, as a load report in the form of a table or chart.

AxxonSoft advantage

  • When recommendations for camera placement and image quality are followed, counting is accurate to within a handful of visitors.
  • The detection tool is a plug-in module for Axxon PSIM, so it is quick to install and easy to configure.
  • Line length statistics can be accessed through web reports (from any Internet-enabled PC) or used in numerous ways in Axxon PSIM through scripts.