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KeyKing access control now integrated into Axxon Intellect Enterprise

KeyKing access control now integrated into Axxon Intellect Enterprise

Axxon Intellect Enterprise physical security information management software platform now offers integration for the KeyKing access control system, developed by KeyKing Group Ltd. (China). KeyKing is a perfect solution for today’s smart buildings and facilities, which require the precise configuration and high adaptability that KeyKing provides.

The integration spans five controller models, supporting from 1 to 8 checkpoints and 2 to 8 readers:

  • TC312NT — 1 checkpoint / 2 readers
  • TC322NT — 2 checkpoints / 2 readers
  • TC44NT — 4 checkpoints / 4 readers
  • TC48NT — 4 checkpoints / 8 readers
  • TC488NT — 8 checkpoints / 8 readers

Axxon Intellect performs monitoring, management, and configuration; integration is implemented via a low-level protocol and all controller types can connect over both an IP network and RS-232 ports.

With an ideal blend of hardware and software integration, KeyKing systems offer a number of compelling possibilities for security users:

  • Highly flexible access control for small and mid-sized facilities: the hardware can serve different numbers of checkpoints and access points. Small businesses, schools, kindergartens, government agencies, and others can choose the access point arrangement that is best for them.
  • Large system capacity: up to 30,000 users are supported.
  • Flexible, precise configuration of controllers: special access rules can be set up for each checkpoint.
  • Controllers can be connected to servers over an IP network for ease of deployment and configuration.

About KeyKing Group Ltd.

Founded in 1995 in China, KeyKing is a world leader in development and manufacture of integrated security systems. Its products include access control systems, video surveillance equipment, intrusion sensors, parking area monitoring systems, and more. KeyKing products are installed the world over, in the USA, Canada, Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

About AxxonSoft

AxxonSoft is a leading developer of open platform video management software (VMS) and integrated security systems. The company's partners include over 2,500 companies, performing more then 1,500 installations every month. With over 30 offices and representatives in all key regions, AxxonSoft is able to guarantee quick deliveries and top-tier support to partners everywhere in the world.
AxxonSoft software allows creating smart video surveillance systems and integrated security systems for diverse sites, even decentralized ones scattered over large areas. AxxonSoft products are at the heart of over 80 Safe City systems and security systems at airports, ports, banks, industrial facilities, retail chains, and gas station chains, as well as many other public- and private-sector facilities around the globe.