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Sports & Entertainment Venue Security

Explore how AxxonSoft technologies can help you build a security system that extends your reach from the seats to the perimeter. The complex AxxonSoft solution unifies IP video surveillance, AI analytics, access control, automatic face and license plate recognition, and other smart tools within one intuitive interface that can enhance your venue security.

Our solution is flexible, expandable, and ready to grow with your requirements at any site, whether you need a giant stadium security or a small concert hall protection.

AxxonSoft Solution Ensures Comprehensive Venue Security:

  • Rapid response to signs of attack and vandalism
  • Early Fire/Smoke Detection
  • Providing public safety through different levels of access for staff, athletes, artists, visitors, etc.
  • Ensuring measures to prevent the spread of airborne infections
  • Detecting crowded places and improving the processes
  • Providing parking safety
  • High-quality video surveillance anywhere in the arena
  • Ensuring the fault-tolerant operation of all components of the security system
  • Simple and intuitive management of the entire system from a single monitoring center
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AxxonSoft Features and Technologies for Venue & Stadium Security

Venue security systems play a crucial role in maintaining security in sports and entertainment venues. By integrating AI video analytics, you can monitor and manage various areas efficiently, ensuring the safety of people and assets. The AxxonSoft solution provides comprehensive security for stadiums, concert venues, and other entertainment venues, enabling you to detect and respond to potential threats promptly.

Protecting the Talent

A common scenario for using facial recognition is identifying known criminals. It’s crucial for stadiums and concert venues security, as this technology allows to scan for potential stalkers at shows. These days celebrities, athletes, and artists provide more access for their fans by conducting meet-and-greet sessions. At the same time, it gives stalkers an opportunity to get closer to the talent. To prevent this, facial recognition technology can be leveraged more frequently.

Explore facial recognition
Detecting Hooligans and Suspicious Behavior

CCTV cameras located in the grandstand, halls, ticket area, and other parts of concert and sports venues, in combination with AI analytics, help to detect suspicious behavior of visitors based on certain postures. It could be a potential armed attack, ATM machine tampering, collapsed person, etc. Rapid detection of risky situations enables you to immediately take the necessary action and maintain a high level of venue security.

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AI-Powered Fire and Smoke Detection

Neural network fire and smoke detection tools are designed for early detection of fires in conditions where standard fire and smoke sensors are ineffective. These are open areas like a parking lot or a stadium, or large enclosed spaces with high ceilings or intensive air circulation such as warehouses, shopping malls, exhibition centers, concert halls. Large volumes of air and strong air currents prevent physical sensors from quickly detecting a fire in buildings, while placing them in open spaces just won’t work. The AxxonSoft solution provides comprehensive security for stadiums, concert venues, and other entertainment venues, helping you to detect fires early and respond immediately.

Explore AI-powered fire and smoke detection
Analyzing Visitor Flows

In sports and entertainment arenas, visitor flows can be analyzed using motion heatmapping and people counting. This analysis can help you forecast people’s behavior and improve crowd management in the building to increase visitor satisfaction and security. For instance, you can divert the visitor flows in time to less frequented locations to avoid congestion and waiting times at checkouts and toilets.

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Quick Search

While maintaining public safety and venue security, a situation often arises when you need to find a specific person among a large stream of people. This could be a lost child, a criminal, or an unauthorized person who has entered a restricted area. AxxonSoft’s smart search allows you to find a person in a matter of seconds from a picture, as well as using a number of other criteria such as the outfit color, zone entering, line crossing, etc.

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Secure, Manage, and Monitor Access to Every Area

There are many categories of visitors at sports and entertainment venues: fans, staff, subcontractors, suppliers, security personnel, VIPs, talents, players, etc. To maintain venue security and protect its assets, it is necessary to delimit the access of these visitors to certain areas of the facility. There are also critical areas, the entrance to which can be completely restricted. The AxxonSoft access control system enables you to assign access control permissions according to an individual’s role, grant temporary access, configure multi-factor authentication, generate access reports, and more.

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Security at Parking Areas

AxxonSoft LPR License Plate Recognition system automatically recognizes license plates of all vehicles coming to the venue territory and stores them in a database. Security personnel can easily identify vehicles of interest and search for any license plate number. For service and cargo vehicles, the under-vehicle surveillance system can also be integrated to protect the loading areas.

Explore automatic license plate recognition

Comprehensive Solution for Sports & Entertainment Venue Security

Security breaches not only endanger people, property, and assets, but also threaten the operations and profitability of the venue, which can have dire long-term consequences.
At the same time, safer arenas and safer areas around them benefit everyone — fans, staff, and whole cities.
We offer an innovative neural network video analytics solution that delivers end-to-end security — all centralized for easy management and responsiveness.

Venue Property and Assets Security
Public Safety

Venue Property and Assets Security

A fire can cause irreparable damage to a sports and entertainment venue, so it is critical to detect the first signs of fire as early as possible. When using AxxonSoft, the safety system operator receives video footage from the event site when an alarm is triggered and can confirm or decline the alarm. Combining the benefits of automated AI-based detection and a qualified human assessment from the operator provides faster and more accurate fire detection.

Another important aspect in ensuring the safety of the venue property is the differentiation of access levels for various categories of permanent employees and temporary hired workers. The AxxonSoft solution provides flexible access control configuration at each of the checkpoints, and a wide range of access control options: by access card, fingerprint, face recognition, PIN code, as well as a combination of these methods for additional protection of critical sectors of the facility.

Public Safety

In addition to ensuring the attendees’ safety, the event producers and venue facility managers have the task of searching for ways to make event-goers feel comfortable with screening processes and with being close to lots of other people.

AxxonSoft offers a solution for all these tasks. The AxxonSoft solution provides comprehensive protection for visitors to stadiums, concert venues, and other entertainment venues from fire, illegal actions by other people, and the spread of viral diseases.

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