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Case Studies by Industries

  • Intellect PSIM makes Turin a safer city

    The second stage of the implementation of the Safe City Turin project has been completed in Italy. An integrated security system now helps the municipal police deter drug crime and provide timely response on all sorts of incidents. More…

  • Intellect Enterprise PSIM selected to provide security for luxury hotel resort in Dubai

    The video surveillance system for the 1,548-room resort comprises over 2,000 cameras distributed across 14 servers. More…

  • AxxonSoft's AI Fights Forest Fires in Belarus

    An early fire notification system powered by neural analytics successfully passed testing in Belarus' Gomel region. More…

  • Axxon Next safeguards the pupils of The Blue Coat School

    Axxon Next Universe VMS provided the high-end AI analytics for the preparatory school in Birmingham England, founded in 1722. More…

  • Axxon Next provides security for residents in Yangsan, South Korea

    At the end of 2017 in South Korea, the "Safe Yangsan" project, powered by Axxon Next, the video management system of the next generation, was completed. More…

  • Face Intellect provided security for the Tunisian presidential elections

    Presidential elections were held in the Republic of Tunisia in November of 2014. Face Intellect face recognition was one of the most important security components for polling stations. More…

  • Axxon Intellect Enterprise in the core of comprehensive security solution for Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate

    Axxon Intellect PSIM software including the Auto Intellect and ACFA Intellect systems has been installed in Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate.


  • ADP Security Command Centre: Empowering security monitoring with innovative surveillance technologies

    ADP Centre (of ADP Group) has decided on the Axxon Next 4 VMS.
    The Axxon Next 4 security system is installed at 20 ADP Centre sites in Singapore, which are involved in the deployment of security personnel and systems.

  • Safe City project implemented with Axxon Next in northern Ukraine

    City of Zhytomyr has moreover come to be a major center of business, attracting a growing number of investors each year. The city infrastructure has also shown rapid growth, making the city administration and the Zhytomyr Office for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense resolve to implement a Safe City municipal project by installing video surveillance cameras at the city’s key infrastructure facilities to monitor public order and road traffic safety and to contribute to improvement of urban amenities and crime prevention and deterrence. More…

  • Axxon Intellect protecting Mongolian streets and roads

    As Ulan Bator city infrastructure has mushroomed, residents have complained of typical "big city" problems: increased levels of crime in public places and high traffic density, which leads to road gridlock and accidents. The city administration decided to tackle these problems by installing forensic surveillance at public transport stops and on transport lines, in order to reduce the risk of traffic accidents and keep the city's streets safe. More…

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"The decision to install Axxon Enterprise was based on the strong recommendation of Vladimir Timakin, the General Director Lilana, our security integrator. Mr. Timakin is a highly professional specialist who really knows his stuff. His authority in the security business, along with the outstanding Axxon Enterprise features we could see for ourselves determined our choice."

– Gormost

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