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Enhancing Urban Security: The Dunakeszi Safe City

The Dunakeszi Safe City project aims to fortify security throughout the urban area using advanced government security systems. In collaboration with AxxonSoft, CAsystem Facility Kft. made the transition from conventional systems to a state-of-the-art city surveillance camera system.


The city of Dunakeszi, situated in Hungary, boasts a rich cultural heritage and a bustling urban environment. With its strategic location near the capital city of Budapest, Dunakeszi serves as a vital hub for commerce and transportation. Renowned for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant community spirit, Dunakeszi offers citizens and guests of the city a blend of modern amenities and historic charm.

The Dunakeszi Safe City initiative is intended to ensure the well-being of its residents and visitors. By implementing advanced surveillance technology and proactive security measures, Dunakeszi aims to create a safer and more secure environment for all who live, work, and explore within its boundaries, utilizing smart city surveillance.


Before integrating AxxonSoft solutions, the Dunakeszi Safe City project faced numerous obstacles in optimizing management of its city security cameras. The existing systems were unable to provide advanced video analytics, making it difficult to organize efficient monitoring. Additionally, the lack of server-side GPU Acceleration support limited server capacity. Compounded by budget limitations, the project demanded a solution that could harmonize with the existing infrastructure while ensuring robust analytics functionality and scalability for the future growth of the city video surveillance system.

To overcome these challenges, the project team conducted a thorough evaluation of potential solutions, seeking a partner capable of addressing their unique requirements. AxxonSoft emerged as the ideal choice, offering a comprehensive platform that seamlessly integrated with the existing infrastructure while providing the necessary scalability and advanced video analysis capabilities for the city camera system.

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Dunakeszi, Hungary

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The selection of AxxonSoft as the project’s primary solution provider stemmed from its remarkable compatibility with hardware infrastructure solutions and edge devices, as well as its suite of sophisticated video analytics features seamlessly integrated in the CCTV software. By integrating the Axxon One VMS into the Dunakeszi Safe City initiative, the project gained a versatile video management system with AI-powered analytics and intelligent search to identify people and vehicles in surveillance footage.

Notably, the partnership between AxxonSoft and NVIDIA played a pivotal role in optimizing system performance and storage capacity. Through the incorporation of NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPU-powered servers, the system benefited from accelerated processing capabilities, enabling real-time analysis of vast amounts of video data. In addition, leveraging shared SAN storage solutions further bolstered the system’s efficiency by providing ample storage capacity for storing and accessing video data in the city video surveillance system.

Results and Benefits

By seamlessly transitioning from legacy systems to Axxon One, the integration of advanced video analysis tools was streamlined, revolutionizing the city’s security infrastructure with the cutting-edge city surveillance cameras system. The fusion of real-time monitoring with AI video analytics empowered law enforcement agencies with unparalleled capabilities for both incident detection and investigation.

Moreover, the scalability of the AxxonSoft solution ensures adaptability to future expansions and technological advancements, fortifying the city’s resilience against evolving security challenges that government security systems are designed to address. This strategic approach not only addresses immediate security concerns but also establishes a robust framework for continuous refinement and optimization of urban surveillance using smart city surveillance techniques.

Future Expansion

With the foundation laid by AxxonSoft solutions, the Dunakeszi Safe City project is poised for further advancements. Plans include the addition of more video analytics channels and the potential integration of vehicle make and model recognition (MMR) technology.


The Dunakeszi Safe City project serves as a compelling demonstration of the tangible benefits derived from strategic partnerships between municipal entities and cutting-edge technology providers. By implementing AxxonSoft solutions, CAsystem Facility Kft. successfully tackled the complex challenges of modern surveillance infrastructure, helping improve safety in the community with an advanced city surveillance cameras system. Moreover, this collaboration set the basis for future enhancements and innovations in Dunakeszi’s urban security.

Image by KerekesDora, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons