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AxxonSoft’s Integration at Taoyuan Farglory Free Trade Zone

The implementation of an Axxon One–powered solution, consisting of over 2,350 cameras and including POS integration, has helped the Taoyuan Farglory Free Trade Zone (FTZ) address operational challenges and strengthen security protocols with advanced traffic surveillance video analytics.


Founded in 1991 as Yuan-Xiang Airfreight & Warehousing, Farglory Free Trade Zone Investment Holding Co., Ltd. has evolved into a global logistics trailblazer. Listed on the Taipei Exchange in 1999 and the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 2004, Farglory has played a key role in the Taoyuan Air Cargo Park Development Project since 2000. Spanning 45 hectares, this premier air cargo park and free trade zone is uniquely positioned “within national territory but outside customs jurisdiction,” integrating logistics, talent, business, and technology with the help of logistics remote video monitoring.

The Farglory Free Trade Zone, a global standout among over 700 free trade zones, offers five integral functions. With components such as an air cargo terminal, warehouse operation center, logistics center, value-added park, and cold chain logistics warehouses, it promises unparalleled economic efficiency. Farglory is committed to same-day shipment and 100% delivery within two days (“1002”). Anticipating an annual cargo handling capacity of 800 thousand tons, Farglory is poised to lead in the global air cargo logistics landscape.


The previous reliance on a legacy vendor solution highlighted a range of operational challenges that required a sophisticated security overhaul at the Taoyuan Farglory FTZ. These challenges included:

  • Deficiencies in customer support. The previous solution’s shortcomings in after-sales support resulted in operational disruptions, prompting the exploration of alternative solutions.
  • Integration limitations. The legacy system lacked the ability to seamlessly integrate with disparate camera systems, hindering the fluidity of the surveillance infrastructure of logistics remote video surveillance.
  • Scalability concerns. As the scope of operations expanded, the incumbent solution struggled to meet the growing needs of the Taoyuan Farglory FTZ, raising concerns about scalability and adaptability.

Recognizing the need for a dynamic and responsive security system, exploring alternative solutions to address these multiple challenges became paramount.

Key Solution Requirements

  • An AI-ready solution to enhance security capabilities.
  • Seamless integration with diverse camera systems.
  • Robust pre-sales and after-sales support.

Axxon One VMS

Taoyuan Farglory Free Trade Zone

Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Monitoring Stations

Features & Analytics
POS integration, license plate search, face search, smart event search


Solution Selection Process

The decision-making process included a careful pilot installation with proof of concept. AxxonSoft’s Axxon One VMS emerged as the preferred choice due to its seamless integration capabilities, robust local partner support, and customer satisfaction.

System Implementation

Over 2,350 cameras are installed across the Free Trade Zone, and Axxon One VMS is used to manage these cameras and integrate the Point of Sale (POS) systems at the purchase and shipment ends. This integration allows cargo information and logistics order numbers to be linked with real-time video, facilitating subsequent tracking of cargo movements and ensuring entry and exit as well as the completeness of items at the time of delivery. Intelligent search capabilities, including license plate/face search and smart event search, are implemented on cameras installed at strategic locations, leveraging logistics remote video surveillance.

AxxonSoft demonstrated its ability to understand and respond to the unique challenges faced by the FTZ. The successful deployment of Axxon One video management software (VMS) effectively resolved the pre-existing challenges within the FTZ’s operational framework, comprising two major dimensions.

Real-Time Cargo Tracking

Axxon One VMS, seamlessly integrated with POS systems, introduced an effective approach to logistics remote video surveillance. By associating cargo information and logistics order numbers with live video, the FTZ gained unparalleled visibility into its cargo movements. This integration not only streamlined logistics but also ensured a higher level of accuracy in tracking and managing goods from purchase to delivery.

Enhanced Security Measures

Implementing AxxonSoft’s advanced security features was a strategic move to strengthen the FTZ’s security protocols at traffic monitoring cameras system. License plate search, face search, and smart event search were deployed at key locations to ensure a comprehensive and robust security infrastructure. This multi-faceted approach enhanced the FTZ’s ability to quickly investigate incidents, contributing to a safe and secure operating environment.

Benefits and Results

In essence, the deployment of AxxonSoft solutions optimized operational efficiency through real-time cargo tracking and enhanced the FTZ’s security posture through the strategic implementation of cutting-edge security measures. The integration of Axxon One not only ensures the sustainability of the current system but also provides a framework for embracing emerging technologies and industry trends of traffic and logistics remote monitoring, future-proofing the FTZ’s security and logistical capabilities. With an eye on the future, Taoyuan Farglory FTZ plans to expand the system further, leveraging the scalability and adaptability of AxxonSoft solutions for commercial security systems.