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Axxon Oil & Gas Suite

Axxon Oil & Gas Suite

Keep profits and business flowing smoothly with intelligent security from Axxon.

Axxon Oil and Gas Suite provides an integrated security solution that spans every aspect of your operations — from refining to distribution and management. Increase your company's business intelligence with security that works with every other system you own — affordably, out of the box.

Oil and gas are the lifeblood of every modern country in the world. As a provider of this critical energy source, you're aware of how extended the chain of production is — and how a problem at any point can cause the supply of petroleum products to break down, and your business to suffer.

Theft, damage, disasters, sabotage, and even terrorism are real and present threats to the oil and gas industry today. Real-time monitoring of all parts of your business ensures that you're ready to respond to any challenge.

One solution provides you with integrated, distributed, and intelligent security. One solution is easier to use and implement than all the rest. And one solution gives you tools to conduct your business more efficiently and profitably than ever before.


Axxon Enterprise can monitor every aspect of your production — not just security. Imagine round-the-clock awareness of fluid levels, temperature, and other critical aspects of your operation. Axxon Enterprise gives you access to an overview of how your entire production is functioning, from any terminal in your business, around the country or across the world.


Once the raw materials are on their way, Axxon Enterprise watches for intruders, accidents, or other problems using intelligent video — and sending high-quality video through low-bandwidth networks using Axxon's exclusive Motion Wavelet technology. Want to stay on top of problems? Axxon Enterprise can alert you via email, SMS, GPRS, or other messaging standards.


Here, Axxon Enterprise's integrated nature really comes into its own. Axxon Enterprise aggregates and controls all of your infrastructure, production, and security systems in one place: it manages ACS, fire/intruder alarms and video surveillance systems — so you can concentrate on producing a quality, profitable product.


Axxon 's Enterprise Railcar ID Number Recognition module gives you complete control and surveillance over your railroad traffic. Automatic switching control, railcar ID recognition, and tank car level controls give you the tools to plan efficient transportation of gas, oil, and petrol.


Axxon Enterprise extends to your gas station network, providing you with the same level of security and reporting as the rest of your manufacturing chain. Protect your assets with video security at pumps and inside the gas station. Prevent problems with Point-of-Sale control and fuel dumping sensors.

Note: Axxon Oil & Gas Suite supports select countries out of the box. Other countries can be supported through customization. For more information, please contact an AxxonSoft specialist.

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