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Oil & Gas Facility Security Systems

AxxonSoft solution provides you with integrated, distributed, and intelligent energy security surveillance that spans every aspect of your operations — from production to distribution and management. Increase your company’s business intelligence with energy security solutions that works with every other system you own — affordably, out of the box.

AxxonSoft Solution Provides Oil & Gas Facilities With:

  • 365 days, 24/7 surveillance, even in harsh maritime and terrestrial environments: sea, fog, extreme temperature, dust, solar glare, and others      
  • User-friendly solution that can manage a variety of devices at different locations, including the farthest reaches of a territory
  • Remote health monitoring of hardware and system components
  • Integration of video surveillance with physical security and equipment monitoring systems
  • Remote video monitoring via a web browser or mobile device
  • Effective monitoring of hundreds of cameras by few operators
  • Command center personnel alerted to events that reach certain user-defined parameters
  • Personal protective equipment detection
  • Human detection in restricted or hazardous areas
  • Protection from access by trespassers and unauthorized individuals
  • Combined operation with AI tools to reduce false alarms in complex scenes
  • Thermal camera application to detect intrusions in difficult surveillance conditions and equipment overheating
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AxxonSoft Features and Technologies for Oil & Gas Industry

Production & Pipelining

Our solution provides you with round-the-clock awareness of critical aspects of your operation by synchronizing video with sensor readings. Once the raw materials are on their way, AxxonSoft solution watches for intruders, accidents, or other problems using video analytics and sending high-quality video, or still frames through low-bandwidth networks. Our oil and gas security systems help you make data-driven decisions to optimize your operations.

Discover Our Comprehensive Monitoring Solution

Here, AxxonSoft product’s integrated nature really comes into its own. Our solution aggregates and monitors your infrastructure, production, and security systems in one place. It manages access control systems, fire/intruder alarms, and video surveillance systems, so you can concentrate on producing a quality, profitable product. Our oil and gas security systems ensure that your facilities are protected from potential threats.

Integrate Physical Security Systems

AxxonSoft’s LPR/ANPR module gives you complete control and surveillance over your vehicle traffic. Along with railcar ID recognition with synchronized side and top view video recording and tank car level monitoring, it provides you with the tools to plan efficient transportation of gas, oil, and petrol. Our oil and gas security systems include advanced analytics capabilities, enabling you to detect and respond to security threats more efficiently.

Optimize Traffic Monitoring

AxxonSoft’s solution extends to your gas station network, providing you with the same level of security and reporting as the rest of your manufacturing chain. Protect your assets with video security at pumps and inside the gas station. Prevent problems with Point-of-Sale control and fuel dumping sensors integration. Our gas station security solutions help you maintain a safe environment for your customers and employees.

Maximize Retail Security
Intelligent Security

From perimeter intrusion and fire hotspot detection to workplace safety enforcement, AxxonSoft’s AI video analytics ensure intelligent recognition of abnormal situations. Swift alerts to first responders minimize the risks for the staff and assets. Our oil and gas security systems include advanced AI capabilities, enabling you to reduce false alarms and improve the accuracy of your security operations.

Experience the Power of AI Video Analytics

Enterprise-Grade Solution That Covers Production to Distribution Security Management

In today’s world, it is crucial to have a security solution that interoperates with every other system you own. We offer an efficient solution to diverse threats from production to retail facilities, so your company can be more profitable by staying ahead of the curve in terms of safety strategies. Our energy security solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of the oil and gas industry, providing comprehensive protection for your facilities, personnel, and assets.

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