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Axxon PSIM Lite

Axxon PSIM Lite: perfect for small and mid-sized businesses

Axxon PSIM Lite is a light version of Axxon PSIM software. Users of the light version get point-of-sale control in addition to video surveillance.

Axxon PSIM Lite supports up to four video servers, up to 64 video cameras per server, and an unlimited number of remote workstations. Furthermore, both server and remote workstation software is more cost-effective than Axxon PSIM's.

In all other respects, Axxon PSIM Lite is a full-fledged version of the Axxon PSIM video subsystem supporting its core features: Interactive Site Map, Event Log, tools to create automated response scenarios, the same list of integrated IP devices and many other capabilities.

Because of its extraordinarily advantageous combination of price and functionality, Axxon PSIM Lite is ideal for small and midsized sites. And thanks to the possibility of incorporating the POS monitoring module into the system, its use will be especially effective at retail businesses such as shops, filling stations, restaurants, and cafes.

Axxon PSIM Lite is an advantageous offering for those who do not need a large system, but who want to avail themselves of the full power of the flagship of the AxxonSoft product line.