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Axxon PSIM is Scalable

Chances are, you have big plans for your company plans that may involve growing beyond your existing offices, maybe even beyond your existing regional boundaries.

With the future in mind, the security system you implement today should be scalable, so it can easily adapt to your needs as your business grows and changes.

Our software developers kept this in mind when they built Axxon PSIM, a platform that's designed to be just as suitable for small organizations as for large organizations. In fact, the platform has already been proven in huge installations.

Axxon PSIM's modularity and flexibility means you get a system that easily keeps pace with the growth of your business. Due to a distributed architecture, the system does not depend on physical location of equipment modules and objects are connected to the system core and interact efficiently over a network. As a result, the system is easily expanded - as your company reaches new levels of growth, you can build on your initial investments without the frustration or financial stress of changing systems. Plus, because of the system's integrated architecture, you can connect any type of digital system or hardware, regardless of the equipment type, manufacturer, technical features or topology.

As your company expands geographically, Axxon PSIM allows you to keep up you can connect and control your systems from any location, without sacrificing image quality, bandwidth capacity, or usability.

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