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3S Vision N8071

Vendor3S Vision
Integration status in Axxon OneIntegrated
Number of streams in Axxon One3
MJPEG in Axxon OneIntegrated
MPEG in Axxon OneNon-integrated
H.264 in Axxon OneIntegrated
H.265 in Axxon OneNon-integrated
Audio In in Axxon OneIntegrated
Audio Out in Axxon OneNon-integrated
PTZ in Axxon OneNon-integrated
Tag&Track in Axxon OneNon-integrated
Alarm In in Axxon OneNon-integrated
Alarm Out in Axxon OneNon-integrated
Analytics in Axxon OneMotion detection: Partially Integrated;#Hacking detection: Partially Integrated
Integration status in Axxon PSIMIntegrated
Multistream in Axxon PSIMIntegrated
Number of streams in Axxon PSIM3
MJPEG in Axxon PSIMIntegrated
MPEG in Axxon PSIMNon-integrated
H.264 in Axxon PSIMIntegrated
H.265 in Axxon PSIMNon-integrated
Audio In in Axxon PSIMIntegrated
Audio Out in Axxon PSIMNon-integrated
PTZ in Axxon PSIMNon-integrated
Alarm In in Axxon PSIMNon-integrated
Alarm Out in Axxon PSIMNon-integrated
Built-in Storage in Axxon PSIMNon-integrated
Analytics in Axxon PSIMMotion detection: Integrated;#Hacking detection: Integrated
x64 modules supportIntegrated