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Siemens Cerberus ECO Integration Module

The Siemens Cerberus ECO integration module allows sharing information about events and alarms between the Siemens Cerberus ECO fire alarm systems and the Axxon PSIM platform, enabling creation of AxxonSoft-powered security systems that consolidate diverse components in a single software interface.

Siemens Cerberus ECO is an addressable FSA for small and mid-sized businesses, such as: hotels, retail shops and housing. Siemens Cerberus ECO offers high-reliability fire detection and maximum protection for people, property and assets.

The Siemens Cerberus ECO integration module allows:

  • Monitoring of Cerberus ECO
  • Control and Management of Cerberus ECO

ACFA PSIM now supports Siemens Cerberus ECO FC1840-A3 Fire Alarm Controller, FDO181 Addressable Smoke Detector, FDT181 Addressable Heat Detector, FDCI181-2 и FDCIO181-2 Addressable Input/Output Modules and FDCL181 Line Separator.

Here are all basic events integrated:

  • Fire alarm
  • Trouble
  • Supervision
  • Activation / Confirmation

Possible alarm response scenarios are:

  • Manual and Automatic Control / Reconnect
  • Reset / Acknowledge / Silence the buzzer
  • Check
  • Set Time and Disable Test.