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System Health Monitoring Module marks version 7.0


AxxonSoft has announced release of version 7.0 of the Health Monitoring Module for AxxonSoft-powered security systems. Highlights in the new version include improved integration between the Module and the Axxon PSIM. Developers also worked to improve the ease of system management, making monitoring of hardware status easier than ever before.

What's new in the Health Monitoring Module:

  • Support for passing monitoring events to the Axxon PSIM: event-driven reactions based on monitoring are now possible (arm/disarm devices, SMS notifications, and audio alerts).
  • New Event Log module added for handling monitoring-related events that are passed to Intellect (visualization, sorting, filtering, and exporting to file).
  • New Monitoring Section configuration: each Monitoring Section is now created as a child of the Monitoring Server object. Confirmation can now be sent from a Monitoring Server to a Monitoring Agent when an operator accepts a monitoring event.
  • Monitoring Servers for an Additional Workstation can now be rapidly switched. This is performed via a new component, the Additional Workstation Configuration Tool.
  • Archive Search interface object added: Additional Workstations now have all the functionality of Monitoring Servers.
  • Installer improvements: the installer in the new version is the same for the Monitoring Server, Monitoring Agent, and Additional Workstation. Databases in the Monitoring Server are handled similarly to how they are handled in Intellect. In addition, when running the installer or removal wizard, the user can select to repair or uninstall the product.

The new version contains fixes for bugs identified in older versions, improving overall product stability.

Download the Health Monitoring Module here.

For more information on Health Monitoring Module refer to product page.