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Staying at the Top of its Class: New Intellect 4.10


AxxonSoft continues to refine and expand the Axxon PSIM, one of the company's flagship products for comprehensive security management. Today, April 22, the new version has been released.

Emphasis in this version has gone to the feature set for exporting recorded video, including the list of supported video formats. As seen below, plenty of other improvements have been made as well.

New key features:

  • Recorded video can now be exported in the background: on-screen playback of video is no longer necessary during export. What's more, video can be exported from multiple cameras simultaneously and also digitally watermarked for authentication purposes.
  • Have important video you don't want overwritten? In the new version of Intellect, protect the video from loop recording by flagging it. If you no longer need the video, simply deflag it to remove protection.
  • Bookmarks are a major time-saver. Mark key moments in recorded video and search for video of interest based on the bookmark comments. Selecting a search result jumps precisely to the moment in the video where the bookmark was made.
  • Edge storage – when video is stored locally on board a camera – is a great advance for system efficiency. But we have added a feature that addresses one of the shortfalls of edge storage. For example, communication between the camera and server is lost for a short time at a critical site, such as an airport or another transport hub. What about the video recorded during this network failure? As soon as the network is restored, the edge storage (on the camera) synchronizes with the central storage (on the server), resulting in a seamless, gap-free video recording. Moreover, now it is possible to convert the synchronized archive to the format of the Intellect file subsystem (without any significant performance penalty) with support for playback via the Intellect video monitor interface.
  • The new version allows selecting different-quality video streams for recording everyday activity vs. alarms. This is useful at sites where “everyday” surveillance is performed at one level of video quality (low resolution, low frame rate) but “active” surveillance, during alarms, requires a higher-resolution video stream with higher frame rate.
  • Users can quickly analyze video from multiple cameras thanks to improved simultaneous accelerated playback in the Video Monitor interface object.
  • Starting in version 4.10, users will have a new interface available for displaying web pages and HTML dialogs. Important Internet sites (such as AxxonSoft documentation) can be kept open as part of the virtual screen.
  • Tracking is now more useful thanks to configurable perspective options.
  • Improved facial recognition algorithm.
  • The current PTZ control method (drag-to-control) has been supplemented by click-to-control. This offers more convenient options for security operators.
  • Captions and receipt text are now handled more efficiently. Even enormous databases of captions/receipt text can be searched in just seconds.
  • Sound can now be recorded from two microphones to a single stream and associated with a particular camera.
  • The Axxon SMS Sender app for Android devices allows sending SMS messages from any Android device.
  • File subsystem has been optimized for handling large amounts of video information.

Besides the features listed above, there are many other stability and performance improvements in the Axxon PSIM 4.10. To find out more about the new features and capabilities, download the installer for version 4.10.0 and updated modules, and read the release notes and documentation, please visit this page.