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Security at Your Fingertips: Suprema Biometric Access Control now integrated with Axxon PSIM


Limiting employee and client access to sensitive areas, monitoring sources of confidential information, and verifying transaction authenticity are three of the biggest business challenges for companies today. As practice shows, the most reliable systems for access control use an integrated, multifactor approach that includes biometric identification. Such systems monitor entry/exit from a site and allow or deny access based on time of day, notifying security personnel immediately in case of suspicious situations. But the main task of any biometric device is to perform identification.

Every person has unique identifying physical traits. Each fingertip, each retina, and each palm is a personal "password" that cannot be lost or forgotten. These traits are extremely hard to counterfeit, which makes biometrics both convenient for users and highly reliable for security operators. High-tech advances and across-the-board price decreases have made these advanced methods available to everyone now, from large businesses to small and mid-sized outfits.

The market for biometric systems is bursting with growth, and one of the leaders is Suprema Inc. (Korea). Suprema hardware is reliable, precise, and capable of handling large visitor flows. By using self-contained Suprema terminals, companies can save substantially on system installation, reducing the costs of hardware purchase and setup.

Suprema hardware integrates well with other manufacturers' products and AxxonSoft is actively working with Suprema Inc. to create joint supported solutions for site security. Work has already been completed for integration of Suprema hardware with the Axxon PSIM software platform from AxxonSoft. Thanks to integration support, it is possible to create a seamless integrated IT infrastructure with minimal expenses and efforts needed for adding access control functionality.

Axxon PSIM offers a convenient interface, automatic security processing, and one-of-a-kind forensic analysis tools. Among its capabilities are near-instant search of recorded video and real-time situational analysis. The Axxon PSIM security management + Suprema biometrics combination is an excellent fit for sites with elevated information security requirements.

Integration support is currently available in Axxon PSIM for the following devices:

  • BioEntry Plus – an IP fingerprint reader. The device is powered by the world's most powerful fingerprint algorithm for unsurpassed speed and accuracy. The algorithm is certified by NIST MINEX and has been recognized with multiple awards at the Fingerprint Verification Competition (FVC) in 2004 and 2006.
    Equipped with a built-in fingerprint sensor and proximity card reader, the system can address the whole range of access control needs for both small isolated sites and large multibuilding complexes. BioEntry Plus has a fast matching speed – 2,000 fingerprint comparisons per second – ensuring an incredibly low error rate. The fingerprint capacity is 5,000 users (10,000 templates, with up to 2 templates per user), with storage of up to 50,000 events.
    BioEntry Plus supports TCP/IP, RS485, RS232 and the open Wiegand interface, ensuring compatibility with controllers from a wide range of manufacturers.
    IP video surveillance offers a new level of effectiveness for access control with BioEntry Plus, by preventing social engineering (such as tailgating, when a visitor tries to "piggyback" on a user who is already entering with genuine credentials, and passback, when visitors share credentials). Video recording and analytics in Axxon PSIM save operators from mundane work associated with filtering routine events.
  • X-Station – an IP access control terminal with a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen. The terminal features a 667 MHz processor for seamless event processing, TCP/IP interface, and configurable function keys (in/out, on break/off break) for recording employee time and attendance. X-Station performs proximity card-based authentication.
  • XPass – an RF card reader. Modifications are available for adding support for HID Prox, 125 kHz EM, and Mifare (13.56 MHz, ISO14443A) cards. The XPass shell is IP65-rated, making it water-resistant and perfectly suited for outdoor use. PoE, two TTL inputs, and a built-in door relay make the system exceptionally easy to install. Thanks to on-board processing capabilities, the XPass can be used as a self-contained reader + controller. 16 MB SDRAM and 8 MB Flash memory allow storing 40,000 users and 50,000 events. XPass performs proximity card-based authentication.
  • Secure I/O – a module for encrypted communication via RS-485 between Suprema IP readers and door access actuators. This reduces the ability of intruders to directly interfere with access control devices, such as door locks. The device features an additional relay output that can be configured via BioStar software. Secure I/O can be installed right next to a door, which increases access point security.

Thus not only do the new integrated AxxonSoft-Suprema solutions push forward the partnership and collaboration of the two companies, but they also provide the market – both installers and systems integrators – with new opportunities for equipping the most complicated sites with state-of-the-art security technologies.

About Suprema

Suprema is a leading world manufacturer of biometric systems for access control and workplace time and attendance tracking. Founded in 2000 in South Korea, Suprema is one of the largest companies in its field worldwide. Among the company's products are fingerprint modules, biometric access control scanners, e-passport readers, and live scanners. Suprema products are known in over 120 countries, with partners including Samsung, LG, Hitachi, HID, and Global.