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Safe City municipal video surveillance in Colina, Chile


Located just 14 kilometers (8.5 miles) from the country's capital, the Chilean city of Colina is home to one of the latest Safe City video surveillance projects powered by the innovative Axxon Next video management software. The surveillance system was installed at the initiative and with the approval of the city government and now spans 25 different cameras.

Colina is the administrative center of the commune of the same name as well as the capital of Chacabuco Province, with a population of approximately 78,000. High crime rates made local residents fearful and anxious. Looking for solutions, the government decided that smart video surveillance is an essential tool for fighting crime, particularly street crime. The open-platform next-generation Axxon Next VMS was chosen as the platform for tying together the geographically scattered surveillance system. The unique features of Axxon Next, as well as its functionality, reliability, performance, effectiveness, and ease of use, make it an irreplaceable tool for concerned governments.

Of the 25 cameras installed, all are IP, with 19 fixed Pelco cameras and six Panasonic dome cameras. The dome cameras were specially chosen for installation on the city's main square – the focal point of activity – because of their ability to thoroughly cover the most important location in the city.

All camera information is consolidated at the central monitoring station, which uses Axxon Next for operations and analysis. Powerful video analytics in Axxon Next, including the unique ability to instantly search for previously recorded video by various criteria, make it much easier to investigate and prevent crimes than ever possible before.