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Results of the BEZPEKA 2009 exhibition


This exhibition, like the thirteen before it, was held in the Kiev exhibition center KievExpoPlaza, though a bit earlier than usual. This time it was held in the beginning of November. Up until the final days before the exhibition, it was not clear if the exhibition would even be held at all. This was due to the flu epidemic-induced ban on cultural events involving mass gatherings of people. However, the exhibition went on anyway. As it turned out, the exhibition, which is technically an industrial trade event, was not considered a cultural gathering and so was not subject to the ban.

As per tradition, AxxonSoft took part in BEZPEKA and once again demonstrated its capabilities not only in software development but also in comprehensive provision of all necessary equipment for security systems to its partners. The company’s booth featured brands including Samsung Electronics, Axis, Panasonic, Fujinon and others. Each visitor could not only get to know the featured equipment in detail, but also could estimate the savings that would result from a comprehensive order of equipment and software from AxxonSoft.

The company's new product Axxon Smart IP particularly stood out, attracting the attention of virtually every visitor. Aside from Axxon Smart IP, other products already well-known to many were also presented, including Intellect, VideoIQ7, POS-Intellect, Rail-Intellect, Auto-Intellect, Face-Intellect and others. The above-listed AxxonSoft products, which are considered “market veterans”, still maintain their leading positions.

The participatory format was traditional in that AxxonSoft’s partners also displayed their solutions from AxxonSoft’s booth.

The company VIT presented the integration of their own self-developed vehicle license plate recognition module with the Intellect software package. This integration once again confirms the capability to create new solutions based on AxxonSoft products through the efforts of technological partners. In the near future, Ukrainian installers will be able to offer their clients a transportation solution developed by a Ukrainian company together with their already existing module for vehicle license plate recognition.

The partner company Svit Suchasnikh Tekhnologiy (World of Modern Technologies) presented AxxonSoft products and also demonstrated the capabilities of integrated security systems exemplified by the integration of Intellect software with the Bosch FPA-5000 digital addressable fire alarm system.

The advantages of an integrated solution based on the access control system AccessNet and Intellect were presented at the booth of the partner company Integrator.

The company Agregator demonstrated two more new products – the Castle ACS and the MagicBox device. The Castle ACS is an IP solution with a unique technology for synchronizing databases, providing for the creation of traditional and biometric ACS for isolated or geographically distributed guarded objects. MagicBox is a portable device providing multi-functional processing of video signals, including stabilization, noise reduction, video stream compression, high-precision motion detection and object tracking. MagicBox’s distinction lies in its compatibility with virtually all analog cameras and with various video surveillance systems.

The company Alkasar LTD presented an integrated solution based on software developed by Com-Con and the software module Auto-Intellect, which is an automated traffic control system. This system enables regulation of vehicle flow at intersections, thereby resolving congestion problems on major municipal roadways.

AxxonSoft’s booth was visited by a large number of people, including VIP guests. Vasiliy Gainulovich Fatkhutdinov, Ukrainian Presidential Envoy for event security associated with Ukraine’s hosting of the 2012 European football championship, as well as Kenny Scott, advisor to the UEFA concerning law enforcement security, highly praised AxxonSoft's contribution to the formation and development of the security market in Ukraine and thanked them for their work. Kenny Scott highly praised AxxonSoft’s products and said that their solutions hold their own with well-known European systems and can easily compete with them.

Within the exhibition, a conference was held jointly with the Ukrainian Federation of Non-government Security Service Workers. This conference, titled “Safe City – a powerful means for managing a megacity going forward to Euro-2012”, examined current issues regarding municipal security. The deputy marketing director of the Kiev branch of AxxonSoft presented a report that laid out the objectives of "Safe City" and discussed how those objectives are achieved using the Intellect software package.

Then a seminar titled “New capabilities of integrated security systems and their application” was held jointly with Alkasar LTD. Representatives of Alkasar LTD discussed the advantages of integrating security systems with business process control systems and presented several unconventional integrated solutions.

One of those solutions was a workstation control system for vehicle service stations that was based on the POS-Intellect and Auto-Intellect modules and utilized the integration of Intellect with the 1C system. The solution works as follows. Video surveillance cameras are installed alongside vehicle hoists. When a vehicle is driven onto a hoist, the Auto-Intellect module automatically recognizes the license plate number and sends it to 1C to run a check for a work order on the given vehicle. If a work order is found, then captions with information on what types of work need to be done on the vehicle will be displayed. They are superimposed on the video image of the hoist. This is carried out by the POS-Intellect module. Thus, the solution ensures control of all serviced vehicles' registration into the 1C system and control of all work carried out on a vehicle.

Another solution by Alkasar LTD based on Intellect consists of mobile video surveillance posts deployed on a vehicle with robotic (pan-tilt) cameras. A surveillance post with workstations and a data processing server is arranged inside a vehicle while cameras are installed in its vicinity. The interesting thing about this solution is that image reception from cameras and control of their movement mechanisms is done over a radio channel using a specialized console.

“Despite the lower number of visitors as compared to last year, we can conclude that the exhibition was successful”, said Alexander Kurinnoi. “It was successful because virtually every exhibition visitor knew why they came, and this increased the efficiency of communication with each visitor of our booth. We were able to conduct negotiations with several prospective customers and assemble a substantial database of contacts for future work.”