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Pandemic Control Solution to Limit Visitors’ Flow

Pandemic Control Solution to Limit Visitors’ Flow

AxxonSoft and ABUS, one of the leaders of European security locks and alarm systems market, joined their efforts in a solution for monitoring foot traffic in retail outlets, public spaces, and at mass events.

The Axxon PSIM–based Pandemic Control solution uses a neural tracker to recognize individuals in the camera FOV. The system automatically monitors the number of visitors within an area, and notifies operators on queue build-ups.

A pre-configured system can be commissioned within an hour without the need for any physical installation.

Every customer counts

The new solution is already actively marketed in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Holland. The first customer to put the solution into practice was the Intersport Engels sports apparel and equipment store in Hückelhoven (district of Heinsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany).

Upon the easing of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, retail outlets with an area under 800 square meters have re-opened across the country. However, the Government put strict limits on human traffic in stores: all hygienic measures have to be taken, and the number of visitors in the premises must not exceed 30 to 40.

The presentation of the solution at Intersport Engels was held by CDD, a local system integrator from Heinsberg, and became a notable event in the city. Bernd Jansen, the Mayor of Hückelhoven, asserted that the Pandemic Control solution is a great step towards ensuring a safer life in the district.

AxxonSoft and ABUS made it possible to instantly determine the exact number of visitors in a store. The software counts incoming and outgoing customers through video feeds from surveillance cameras. A public monitor at the entrance tells a customer whether access is permitted. The screen acts in the manner of a traffic light signaling green or red. When the number of customers inside the store falls below 30, the monitor gives a green light to the next customer.

You can set up the system to monitor several entrances and exits, and automatically restrict access to the store upon reaching the specified limit of visitors.


Queue management

Each time Axxon PSIM detects a pre-specified number of visitors waiting at the entrance, a "silent alarm" goes off that notifies authorized system users about safety measures to be taken. Managers, in turn, ask the customers to observe social distancing.

The same function will work for a queue build-up at the POS terminal: the software notifies personnel about the need to open an extra cash register.

The Pandemic Control solution:

  • Allows you to manage the number of visitors according to existing safety regulations.
  • Reduces human effort and required staff.
  • Provides automatic daily/weekly/monthly visitor traffic reports via the web.
  • Can be easily configured for one or several entries/exits.
  • Can be set to automatically lock doors.

Investment in the future instead of expenses caused by the crisis

Retailers may find video surveillance powered by AxxonSoft technologies a valuable toolkit for leveraging sales and client satisfaction through customer profiling, heat mapping of customers’ activity patterns across the sales floor, optimization of business processes, automated reporting, and forensic investigation of theft and vandalism cases.

One key advantage of the system is its easy integration with any POS system or terminal.

A comprehensive set of POS PSIM’s retail-specific functions includes video monitoring in real time and recording transaction videos to the system archive from which they can be retrieved according to receipt contents or other specific queries.

POS PSIM offers retailers an optimal solution that makes possible the following:

  • Tightening control over cashiers’ actions for increasing quality of service.
  • Effectively investigate and deter cashier fraud.
  • Resolving disputes with customers in a more efficient way.
  • Timely response to any event that requires operators’ attention.