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Drivers Pack 3.34 has been released


Drivers Pack 3.34 is available now. This module allows AxxonSoft products to use IP servers and cameras. It is recommended to use Drivers Pack 3.34 with Axxon PSIM 4.9.7 and Axxon VMS 3.6.4. However, when installing Drivers Pack, there is usually no need to upgrade the versions of Axxon PSIM and Axxon VMS.

38 new IP devices are now supported in version 3.34:

  • Axis M3026-VE
  • Hikvision DS-2CD2512F-I
  • Hikvision DS-2CD2532F-IS
  • IQinVision IQeye IQ863W
  • IQinVision IQeye IQM31N
  • JVC VN-H657WPB
  • RVi RVi-IPC11
  • RVi RVi-IPC12
  • RVi RVi-IPC22DN
  • RVi RVi-IPC32S
  • RVi RVi-IPC33MS
  • RVi RVi-IPC33S
  • RVi RVi-IPC33V
  • RVi RVi-IPC41
  • RVi RVi-IPC41DNL
  • RVi RVi-IPC42
  • RVi RVi-IPC42DN
  • RVi RVi-IPC42S
  • RVi RVi-IPC43
  • RVi RVi-IPC43DNS
  • RVi RVi-IPC43-PRO
  • RVi RVi-IPC43S
  • RVi RVi-IPC62Z12
  • RVi RVi-IPC62Z30
  • RVi RVi-IPC62Z30-PRO
  • Samsung SND-L5013
  • Samsung SND-L5083R
  • Samsung SND-L6013
  • Samsung SND-L6013R
  • Samsung SND-L6083R
  • Samsung SNO-L5083R
  • Samsung SNO-L6013R
  • Samsung SNO-L6083R
  • Samsung SNV-L5083R
  • Samsung SNV-L6083R
  • Samsung SPE-1600
  • VMsistemos 53H13_S39
  • Zavio P6210 2M IR Pan/Tilt Mini Dome

The new version provides additional features for the following brands: ACTi, Basler, Beward, Brickcom, Hikvision, IQinVision, Mediatronix, RVi, Samsung and Sony. General Device driver has been developed for Sony and VIVOTEK devices. Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) has been improved.