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Drivers Pack 3.33 has been released


Drivers Pack 3.33 is available now. This module integrates IP servers and cameras with AxxonSoft products. This version has been released separately from the core VMS/PSIM products and can be installed on top of version 4.9.7 of the Axxon Intellect PSIM or version 3.6.3 of the Axxon Next VMS.

Drivers Pack 3.33 integrates new IP devices from diverse manufacturers, incorporating support in AxxonSoft software for Xenics hardware for the first time.

Support for 39 new IP devices has been added in version 3.33:

  • Astrohn Astrohn-IQ1130
  • Astrohn Astrohn IQ1210
  • Astrohn Astrohn-IQ2130
  • Astrohn Astrohn-IQ2210
  • Astrohn Astrohn-VA500
  • Astrohn Astrohn-VA500C
  • Aver FB3028-RT1
  • Aver FX2000
  • Dahua IPC-HD1200C
  • Dahua IPC-HD3200
  • Dahua IPC-HFW1200S
  • Dahua IPC-HDW1200S
  • Dahua IPC-HFW5200C
  • Dahua IPC-HFW5300C-L
  • Dahua IPC-K200
  • IDIS DC-B1203
  • IDIS DC-D1223
  • IDIS DC-D1223 R
  • IDIS DC-D1223WX
  • IDIS DC-D1323WHR
  • IDIS DC-E1212WR
  • IDIS DC-F1211
  • IDIS DC-S1263WH
  • IDIS DC-Z1263
  • Q-cam QCI-12
  • Q-cam QCI-12R
  • Q-cam QCI-12S
  • Q-cam QCI-32W
  • Q-cam QMI-22
  • Q-cam QMI-22RS
  • RVi RVi-IPC32MS
  • RVi RVi-IPC33M
  • RVi RVi-IPC42Z12
  • RVi RVi-IPC43M3
  • RVi RVi-IPC52Z12
  • RVI RVi-IPC52Z30-PRO
  • RVi RVi-IPC53M
  • Smartec STC-IPX3905A
  • Xenics Meerkat-Fix-384-ONVIF

The new version provides additional features for these brands: ACTi, AVTech, Axis, Balter, Bosch, Dynacolor, Etrovision, Ganz, HikVision, IDIS, RVi, Vivotek. General Device improvements have been made for Axis cameras. Drivers Pack now supports x64 platforms for Vivotek divices.