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Drivers Pack 3.2.30 released


Drivers Pack 3.2.30 has been released, further expanding the list of IP servers and cameras supported in AxxonSoft products. The module allows incorporating supported IP devices into AxxonSoft-powered surveillance systems, with an independent release cycle that does not require waiting for incremental VMS/PSIM updates or reinstalling the entire system.

Therefore this version has been released separately from the core VMS/PSIM products and can be installed on top of version 4.9.4 of the Axxon Intellect PSIM or version 3.6.2 of the Axxon Next VMS.

Drivers Pack 3.2.30 supports a number of new IP devices from diverse manufacturers, incorporating support in AxxonSoft software for AEvision, ASTR, Balter, PROvision, and VMsistemos hardware for the first time.

Support for 40 new IP devices has been added in version 3.2.30:

  • 3S Vision N6076
  • ACTi E21VA
  • ACTi E21VAA
  • ACTi E32A
  • ACTi D41A
  • ACTi D42A
  • AEvision AE-8700-4
  • ASTR AS-IPHMT2 series
  • Axis P7216
  • Balter IP-B3
  • Ganz ZN-RS4012VE
  • Ganz ZN-RS4040VE
  • Ganz ZN-RS4012VEL
  • Ganz ZN-RS4040VEL
  • Ganz ZN-S4000VEL
  • Ganz ZS1-1DS
  • Ganz ZS1-4DS
  • Ganz ZS1-4DB1
  • Ganz ZS1-4DB2
  • LTV LTV-GICDM1-E4230
  • LTV LTV-GICDM1-E6235L-F3.6
  • LTV LTV-GICDM2-E4230
  • LTV LTV-ICDM1-E4230
  • LTV LTV-ICDM1-E6235L-F3.6
  • LTV LTV-ICDM2-E4230
  • LTV LTV-ICDM3-T7230-F2.8
  • LTV LTV-ICDM3-T7230-V3-9
  • Partizan IPC-1SP-IR
  • Partizan IPD-VF5MP-IR
  • Partizan IPO-VF2MP
  • PROvision PVD-IR133IP
  • PROvision PVD-IR203IP
  • RIVA RE1100-OV
  • RIVA RE4100-OV
  • UDP NVN1100
  • UDP NVN4100
  • UDP NVN4100-R12
  • UDP NVN4100-R40
  • Vesta VC-6311IR
  • VMsistemos Cam H.264

The new version provides additional features for selected brands. A General Device driver has been developed for Bosch devices. In addition, General Device improvements have been made for cameras from several manufacturers, including Axis, Panasonic, Samsung Techwin, and others.

General Device is a series of universal drivers to support devices that have not been integrated with AxxonSoft software to date. General Device supports practically all functions present in manufacturer-provided drivers.

AxxonSoft regularly adds support for new IP devices, providing clients with maximum flexibility when selecting video hardware for sites with unique needs.