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Drivers Pack 3.2.0 Released


Drivers Pack 3.2.0 is now released. This is a module which provides for the integration of IP cameras and IP video servers into AxxonSoft products. You can install Drivers Pack 3.2.0 on Axxon PSIM (Intellect Light) 4.8.0 or Axxon Smart PRO 2.0.3 without complete reinstallation of the base product. With Drivers Pack 3.2.0 the AxxonSoft software now supports 49 new models of IP devices:

  • Basler BIP2-1000c-dn
  • Basler BIP2-1600c-dn
  • Basler BIP2-640c-dn
  • Bosch NBC-255-P
  • Bosch NBC-455-12P
  • Bosch VIP X1 XF
  • Brickcom CB-100Ae-08
  • Brickcom FB-100Ae-21
  • Brickcom FB-100Ap
  • Brickcom FD-100Ap-73
  • Brickcom GOB-100Ap-73
  • Brickcom MD-100Ae
  • Brickcom OB-100Ap-73
  • Brickcom VD-100Ap-73
  • Brickcom VD-130Ap-73
  • Brickcom VS-01Ap
  • Brickcom WCB-100Ae-08
  • Brickcom WOB-100Ap-73
  • CNB IDP 4000VR
  • CNB ISMC 1063N
  • Hikvision DS-2CD893PFWD-E
  • Messoa NIC836
  • MicroDigital MDC-i4240C
  • MicroDigital MDC-i4250C
  • MicroDigital MDC-i4270C
  • MicroDigital MDS-i301
  • Panasonic WV-SF332E
  • Pelco Spectra IV IP (TXB-N)
  • Probe PIC-500
  • Probe PIC-H1300
  • Probe PMI-400
  • Probe PTI-503
  • Samsung SND-3080F
  • Samsung Techwin SNP-3370
  • Sony SNC-CH110
  • Sony SNC-CH160
  • Sony SNC-DH110
  • Sony SNC-DH210
  • Sony SNC-RX530N

To download the latest Drivers Pack click here. To download Axxon Smart PRO click here.

Drivers Pack - is a module with a separate installer which provides support for various IP equipment in AxxonSoft products. The module gives you the option of incorporating new integrated IP devices into a system powered by AxxonSoft software without waiting for the next release of the base product or reinstalling the entire system. To ensure correct operation of devices in accordance with the declared parameters, Drivers Pack should be installed on the latest release version of the software. We recommend installing Drivers Pack 3.2.0 on Axxon PSIM (Intellect Light) 4.8.0 or Axxon Smart PRO 2.0.3.

MESSOA and PROBE devices are for the first time ever supported with Drivers Pack 3.2.0.

Information on AxxonSoft’s new technological partners.


PROBE PROBE has been developing products and technology that add value to network IP video surveillance and PTZ since 2000. One of the special features of PROBE is that it owns multidisciplinary technology. The company specializes in professional network video solutions for remote monitoring, security surveillance, recording and Home Networking. The company also provides products for PTZ cameras.


MESSOA is at the forefront of surveillance technology. We are not reinventing the industry, simple refining it. In the pursuit of product excellence, MESSOA leaves nothing unturned. Strategic alliances with global leaders combined with heavy investment into product research and development, manufacturing performance, engineering superiority and a vigorous hold on global trends all make ip the backbone of the MESSOA brand.