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Countdown to release of Axxon Next 4!


AxxonSoft is proud to announce that version 4 of the Axxon Next VMS has entered mass beta testing, meaning that the big release date is coming soon.

Axxon Next 4 includes many new features and refinements to make the world's best video management software fully capable of handling the needs for enterprise-class integrated protection of large, geographically complex sites.

One of the biggest additions in Axxon Next 4 is facial recognition and search for recognized faces in recorded video. To search for a face, the operator either imports a photograph or selects a face in the video footage. Axxon Next then displays video episodes containing the person in question.

Also new in Axxon Next 4:

  • License plate recognition and video search by license plate number. The system uses advanced heuristic methods (such as substitution of similar looking letters/numbers) to identify as many potential matches as possible.
  • Macros, which allow programming a wide range of complex event-driven reaction scenarios involving software and hardware.
  • Support for edge storage: view and export video directly from SD cards.
  • Multidomain monitoring for connecting to multiple servers on different domains at the same time, as well as viewing video from cameras on independent video surveillance systems simultaneously and configuring these systems.
  • Recompression and saving of video in Motion Wavelet format for more video quality options for streaming to remote computers.
  • Support for events from external systems and devices such as cash registers, access control devices, third-party software, and other sources for simplified integration of Axxon Next 4 with external software.
  • New information boards. The Web Board displays a specified web page in the layouts. The Dialog Board lists events that match a user-specified filter.
  • LDAP authentication support facilitates integration of Axxon Next with enterprise infrastructure, simplifying the work of IT administrators at large companies with existing sign-in systems.
  • Failover technology to strengthen the stability and robustness of Axxon Next.
  • On-Board Scene Metadata support for IP devices, enhancing search abilities for recorded video.
  • Tag & Track technologyfor tracking a large number of objects simultaneously, automatically adjusting zoom for maximum coverage of moving objects (Tag & Track Pro), as well as predicting which camera a person/object of interest is most likely to appear in, based on their current trajectory (Tag & Track Lite).
  • Remote management of video walls and layouts from any client workstation connected to any video management server.
  • UDP video streaming between servers and clients, with support for multicasting, significantly reducing the bandwidth footprint of video streaming.
  • Operator audit log, offering closer oversight over system happenings and promoting accountability on the part of security staff.

A total of 136 new features and 560 improvements have been implemented in the new version.

Two additional license options will become available as well: Axxon Next Universe, offering the ultimate range of product features including face and LPR search and maximum protection for your site, and Axxon Next Start, which supports core features on a limited-size system (up to 256 cameras).

Stay tuned for more news from AxxonSoft as Axxon Next 4 nears release!