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AxxonSoft VMS and Hikvision edge analytics — a better value proposition


AxxonSoft and Hikvision developed a joint solution that allows AxxonSoft products to receive data from Hikvision cameras with embedded object trackers.

Metadata is a lean description of moving objects within the scene, including their coordinates, size, and other parameters. The metadata generated by Hikvision cameras is transferred to Axxon Next VMS and Intellect PSIM software for real time video analysis or recorded into footage archive to enable Forensic Search.

This provides an effective solution for a key challenge with intelligent video systems: higher project costs associated with an increased computing load. For instance, if a multi-channel server starts using video analytics, the available number of camera channels drops down by an order of magnitude.

The peak server load is caused by decompressing video streams and tracking objects. Using an on-board object tracker that processes uncompressed video increases the efficiency of detection tools without sacrificing the number of cameras per server.

The raw metadata transfer does not limit users to on-board detectors alone. They can apply the whole arsenal of scene analytics tools available on the AxxonSoft server. These include: VMD, line crossing, region entrance and region exiting, loitering, and many other detection tools.

You can also use metadata to track an object with digital zooming and PTZ camera control. Finally, metadata is essential for fast Forensic Search in recorded video.

AxxonSoft develops joint solutions with many leading video surveillance vendors. AxxonSoft products support ANPR embedded in Hikvision cameras, accept metadata from Hikvision thermal cameras, as well as from cameras by Sony, Axis, Bosch, and Dahua.

Distributed computing optimizes all available resources from edge devices and workstations. This approach gives customers more bang for their buck when using our intelligent video systems.

Hikvision metadata compatibility is available in Drivers Pack version 3.54. DS-2CD7хххG0 and DS-2CD5хххG0 series cameras are supported:

  • DS-2CD7A26G0-IZHS, DS-2CD7A26G0-IZS, DS-2CD7026G0, DS-2CD7026G0-AP, DS-2CD7126G0-IZS, DS-2CD7126G0/L-IZS, DS-2CD7526G0-IZS, DS-2CD7526G0-IZHS;
  • DS-2CD5A26G0-IZHS, DS-2CD5A26G0-IZS, DS-2CD5026G0, DS-2CD5026G0-AP, DS-2CD5126G0-IZS, DS-2CD5526G0-IZS, DS-2CD5526G0-IZHS.