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AxxonSoft Takes Part in the INDESEC 2011 Exhibition in India

AxxonSoft Takes Part in the INDESEC 2011 Exhibition in India

AxxonSoft solutions were displayed at the international exhibition INDESEC 2011 that took place in New Delhi, the capital city of India, from June 20-22, and was dedicated to questions of public safety. The company representing AxxonSoft solutions, Biostream, is the exclusive dealer for AxxonSoft in the Near East. This year Biostream was a paid sponsor for the event.

The Axxon Smart PRO video monitoring system and the vertical solutions based on the PSIM platform, Auto PSIM and Face PSIM, were shown at the Biostream booth. Among the display’s visitors were representatives from law enforcement agencies, members of the government, local integrators, dealers, and IT-consultants.

IT-consultants, integrators, and dealers were first of all interested in the digital video surveillance system Axxon Smart PRO.

Moreover, the possibilities of Auto PSIM were actively discussed in connection with plans to allocate significant funds towards a project in India that will allow better control of road transportation improvements and traffic controls, and AxxonSoft’s solution is meeting the needs of this project.

The Face PSIM solution is regarded, aboveof all, as an automated access control instrument in prisons and other secure establishments.

Ateeq Rakhman, Biostream’s director, noted the considerable interest that visitors displayed towards AxxonSoft’s products and solutions.