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AxxonSoft represents the Control Room of the Future at Intersec


Technology is rapidly evolving – and so are the accompanying security risks. These issues are especially pertinent when it comes to securing the brain of many operations; the control rooms. While most security systems are struggling to keep up with these changes, AxxonSoft is once again ahead of the curve, as recently demonstrated at the Intersec expo in Dubai.

Control room systems require a balance between inherent complexity and the need for simple operational functionality. The more intricate the security solution is, the more susceptible it is to human error – a factor that can lead to catastrophic consequences.

A smart, effective solution is needed; one designed to be intuitive and simple yet fail-proof and highly efficient. And this is where AxxonSoft’s range of innovative products comes in. AxxonSoft’s integrated approach to control room technology allows you to:

  • Combine equipment from different manufacturers and manage it from a single control centre.
  • Minimise the financial costs of equipping the facility by reducing the hardware and software needed and connecting existing equipment to the system.
  • Implement new features that aren't available with self-contained systems.
  • Reduce the amount of information that the operator must process by implementing a more intuitive interface.
  • Improve situational analysis based on information from various sources, such as video cameras, video analytics, access control system, and fire or intrusion alarms.
  • Automate decision-making for standard situations.
  • Significantly reduce the likelihood of operator mistakes.
  • Protect the system from external interference more efficiently.

As one of the world’s leading producers of VMS and PSIM software, AxxonSoft is a pioneer of the use of Neural Network Analytics in security – a system that learns by analysing video material obtained on site, allowing for customer-specific solutions. This ground-breaking technology has allowed AxxonSoft to develop products that are proficient in object classification, in particular human and vehicle detection.

Neural network-based object classification forms part of the analytical system that automates decision making for standard situations and attracts the operators’ attention only to crucial events, thus reducing the probability to miss an alarm or make a mistake. This technology, in addition to features like video motion detection based forensic searches, facial recognition, and ANPR, will help to modernise and future-proof your control room.

AxxonSoft cemented their role as the control room of the future at Intersec earlier this year, showcasing their fail-proof solutions alongside products for video surveillance, integrated security systems, edge computing, cloud and web services, and deep learning-based video analysis.

Colleen Glaeser “Axxon PSIM and Next stole the show at Intersec 2019. It truly showed the world what the control room of the future should resemble. From access control to facial recognition, video wall management to ANPR, AxxonSoft showed the security world first-hand what we have to offer regarding video management software,”

said Colleen Glaeser, AxxonSoft’s Global Marketing Director.

The future wouldn’t be the future without intelligent control room solutions such as the ones AxxonSoft provides. They increase safety, deliver high-quality, instant results and allow for lightning-fast searching and analysis. AxxonSoft is shaping the future of control rooms, and you can be a part of this fantastic, technologically advanced future too.