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AxxonSoft products integrate Arlotto cameras


AxxonSoft has started technology cooperation with Arlotto Comnet Inc. and integrated Arlotto IP cameras with AxxonSoft products. Drivers Pack 3.2.7, the latest AxxonSoft drivers package for IP devices, enables support for 19 Arlotto devices:

  • Arlotto AR1500
  • Arlotto AR1500H
  • Arlotto AR1500T
  • Arlotto AR2200
  • Arlotto AR2200H
  • Arlotto AR2200T
  • Arlotto AR2500
  • Arlotto AR2500H
  • Arlotto AR2500T
  • Arlotto AR2510
  • Arlotto AR2520
  • Arlotto AR3210
  • Arlotto AR3510
  • Arlotto AR4200
  • Arlotto AR4200H
  • Arlotto AR4200T
  • Arlotto AR4500
  • Arlotto AR4500H
  • Arlotto AR4500T

Please find the list of supported functions and integration comments in a chart for the specific product and drivers package version. Drivers Pack 3.2.7 is recommended to be used with Axxon PSIM (Axxon PSIM Lite) 4.8.2 and Axxon Smart PRO (Axxon Smart Start a free version of Axxon Smart PRO IP video management software) 2.1.x. Please find the latest Drivers Pack version here.

About Arlotto Comnet Inc.

Arlotto Comnet Inc. was established on 1995 at Hsinchu Science Park, a location promoted by Taiwan Government to locate and center technical and engineering resources of the country. With more than 15 year experience in the imaging and network technology, the clear aim and mission of Arlotto Comnet is to research and create advanced network surveillance products. Arlotto Comnet focuses its business in quality surveillance products, promoting brand "Arlotto" and also ODM production for tier one companies in several country like Germany and Japan.