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AxxonSoft makes appearance at Security Fair Colombia 2014


Security Fair Colombia 2014 recently concluded on 22 August, marking the end of a three-day event that gathered over 10,000 industry professionals and experts.

Held biannually in Bogota, Colombia, the event was held for the 14th time this year with its traditional focus on high-tech security solutions. Participation of leading developers and manufacturers has made Security Fair Columbia a big-name event on the Latin American security market. Exhibitors included 33 leading international companies, which demonstrated their unique solutions for both industrial and personal safety and security. Over 10 000 security industry pros attended the fair.

AxxonSoft presented its stand at this year's event in tandem with long-time partners Sony, Axis and Honeywell. At the stand, AxxonSoft showed guests the Axxon VMS video management software (VMS), an open platform that leverages technological breakthroughs to set the new industry standard for performance, reliability, efficiency, functionality, and ease of use.

Attention was also drawn by Axxon VMS's elder sibling in the AxxonSoft product family, the Axxon PSIM PSIM software platform, which is well known to users worldwide for its ability to create sophisticated security systems for the needs of complex and geographically distributed sites. Visitors also reviewed the Auto PSIM road safety solution, POS PSIM retail checkout monitoring system, Face PSIM facial recognition system, and АТМ PSIM suite for protection of financial service infrastructure.

AxxonSoft software solutions were incredibly popular at the event. The highlight of visitor attention was the joint stand with Honeywell, which hosted demonstrations of Axxon VMS. Equal interest was inspired by the company's special solution for facial recognition, Face PSIM.

While AxxonSoft surveillance software is well known, for many guests this was a first opportunity to truly evaluate its uniqueness and robustness in person. These demonstrations at Security Fair Colombia 2014 reinforced the reputation of AxxonSoft software as the multifunctional and highlyadaptable core of smart, next-generation integrated security and surveillance systems. Events such as these are a powerful platform for promoting awareness in Latin America and on the broader worldwide market.