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AxxonSoft launches the new road show


Securing Your Security System - Safe Planning and Implementation

We are happy to welcome end users, installers, integrators and planners who would like to learn more about reliable and scalable video surveillance solutions at this year’s road show. Secure analytical system setup is crucial for a successful implementation. The theme choice is based on the demand generated during our last road show. Together with our partners we have prepared the following relevant topics to be addressed:

  • Choosing the right lenses from Tamron, an innovative manufacturer
  • Using multi-megapixel cameras from Arecont Vision
  • Installing secure and failsafe network infrastructure from Microsens, a manufacturer of network solutions based on fiber and copper
  • Choosing the right video management software from AxxonSoft to analyze high quality recordings

The theme mix allows to get an overview of the newest technologies in the field as well as provide concrete ideas for your business and facilitate implementation of your projects.

The day ends with a cozy get-together during which participants and speakers can exchange their impressions of the day in a relaxed atmosphere. A Leatherman will be raffled amongst all participating guests.

Events from 9:00 – 17:00 will take place in the following regions:

08.03.2012, Zurich
13.03.2012, Munich
15.03.2012, Vienna
20.03.2012, Hamburg
22.03.2012, Frankfurt am Main


09:00 – 09:15Arrivals and Registration
09:15 – 09:30Welcome and Introductions
09:30 – 10:40Presentation by Tamron, followed by discussion
10:40 – 10:50 Coffee break
10:50 – 12:00Presentation by Arecont Vision, followed by discussion
12:00 – 13:00Lunch
13:00 – 13:45Product demonstrations
13:45 – 14:55Presentation by Microsens, followed by discussion
14:55 – 15:10Coffee break
15:10 – 16:20Presentation of AxxonSoft, followed by discussion
16:20 – 17:00Exchanging contact details, discussions, raffle

Application under: http://www.regonline.com/Roadshow2012.