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AxxonSoft and Dahua cooperation gains momentum


AxxonSoft is a leading VMS / PSIM vendor with cutting-edge technologies. Thanks to ongoing cooperation with leading IP camera manufacturers worldwide, AxxonSoft products feature exceptional integrations list.

Dahua is a global supplier of high-tech solutions for video surveillance and AxxonSoft's longest-standing partner. The company’s product portfolio includes: Advanced Video Surveillance Equipment and Software, Access Control Hardware and Software, Intrusion Hardware, and Intelligent Building Management Systems. Dahua has been the member of the "Top 10 Security Brands in China" for 10 years and ranked in the "Security 50" list for 7 years according to A&S magazine.

AxxonSoft supports Dahua IP devices both via proprietary integration protocols and ONVIF.

AxxonSoft integrations encompass the following Dahua IP-equipment features:

  • Video and audio streams support
  • Multistream encoding
  • Motion detection and wide number of analytics detectors
  • PTZ control
  • Sensors / Relays control
  • On-board storage (SD-cards in cameras or HDD in encoders)

With new integrations, all security solutions based on the AxxonSoft VMS and PSIM will make the most out of Dahua cameras' capabilities.

"Dahua has been consistently proven globally as reliable video surveillance supplier - with rich innovation and technical excellence. As an open-platform integrated security management solution provider, AxxonSoft strive to work closely with organizations sharing the same vision to provide prospective value proposition to system integrators. The integration of AxxonSoft Software with the whole range of Dahua product line provides unique user experience and incident investigation possibilities around the world."

– Alan Ataev, AxxonSoft, Global Sales Director