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AxxonSoft Introduces Axxon PSIM 1.0


AxxonSoft has released Axxon PSIM version 1.0. The comprehensive software platform integrates video surveillance, AI video analytics, access control and fire/security alarm systems, PIDS, and industry-oriented solutions for retail, banking, and transportation and logistics.

Axxon PSIM is physical security information management software based on modular architecture, in which each module implements specific functions or integrations. This approach enables users to select only the modules they need to build an effective solution that is tailor-made for the security needs of their site, ensuring a robust system with finely-honed features at minimal cost.

An impressive list of Axxon PSIM integrations comprises 13 fire/security alarm (FSA) systems, 18 access control systems (ACS), nine biometric ACS, 13 perimeter-intrusion detection systems (PIDS), six combined ACS/FSA, and 10,000+ IP devices, including video cameras, NVRs, control panels, etc.

Unlike many PSIM systems, Axxon PSIM can control security devices directly without the need for third-party management software (although some of the integrations require it), which makes the solutions based on Axxon PSIM extremely cost-effective. Flexible configuration of complex event-response scenarios through GUI tools and a scripting programming language enable comprehensive automation and level up the efficiency of this security solution.

Along with diverse hardware and software, Axxon PSIM supports communication protocols and interoperability standards, such as SIP, RTSP, ONVIF Profiles S, G, T, and C, BACnet, OPC, Modbus, and SNMP. This allows for integration with security and engineering equipment, building automation systems, industrial automation applications, and other external systems that support these protocols.

In addition, Axxon PSIM provides a variety of integration mechanisms, including RTSP and ONVIF servers, SDK, REST API, HTTP API, and ActiveX. Its open architecture allows room for developing comprehensive solutions, where Axxon PSIM acts as part of a larger information system, providing monitoring, control, and interoperability of physical security devices.

Axxon PSIM has limitless scalability and ensures reliability and fault tolerance through the operability control, failover service, database replication, and advanced long-term video archive management. It features a set of user interfaces for video monitoring and equipment management, e.g., an interactive multi-layer map, as well as unique alarm-handling and video-wall management tools that are incredibly useful for monitoring hubs.

The Axxon PSIM industry-specific solutions encompass purpose-built functional modules (such as a full-featured access control system with user management, access card issuing, etc.), tailored GUIs (e.g., for traffic monitoring and ATM network monitoring), specific integrations (such as cash register systems and truck weighing scale integrations), and dedicated video analytics (for example, ANPR and rail car number recognition).

Unparalleled integration, automation, and customization capacity make Axxon PSIM an optimal choice for managing hundreds to thousands of cameras in a custom-built security system or when video surveillance needs to be integrated with access control, perimeter protection, fire and security alarms, and sophisticated functionalities (such as ANPR, road traffic monitoring) and bundled POS or ATM monitoring systems.

When implemented as the basis for integrated security solutions, Axxon PSIM helps:

  • Combine equipment from different manufacturers and manage it from a single control center.
  • Minimize the costs of equipping the site by reducing the hardware and software needed and connecting existing devices to the system.
  • Implement new features that aren’t available with standalone systems.
  • Reduce the amount of information that the operator has to process with a more intuitive interface.
  • Get improved situational analysis based on information from various sources.
  • Automate decision making for standard situations.
  • Significantly reduce the likelihood of operator mistakes.
  • Better protect the system from external interference.

The Axxon PSIM installation files and documentation are available on the Downloads page.