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Axxon PSIM Gets 3D Visualization


Axxon PSIM software by AxxonSoft has been integrated with the VS3D visualization platform by Coherent Synchro. The solution is tailored for operators in major surveillance projects, crucial infrastructure and special security facilities.

Coherent Synchro is a young Spanish company set up in 2010 by 3D specialists to provide solutions for security and other areas, such as building automation (the smart home concept), Safe City systems and defense infrastructure protection.

When combined, the two software products bring about a step change in how monitoring center operators work. Instead of having to monitor separate pictures on several screens, one screen will be enough to cover all areas under surveillance. VS3D produces a 3D model of the building with detailed interior and coupled with the actual video stream converted into a three-dimensional picture which gives a 3D participation effect.

Using a 3D joystick the operator can ‘move’ up and down and left and right in the building or the room. The operator can also ‘walk’ though transparent walls, jump from site to site, and manage devices and pictures. Together this all creates a full participation effect.

VS3D, the 3D visualization platform, is therefore an additional Intellect software interface. When an alarm is triggered it is displayed in its actual location in the 3D model along with the relevant alarm data. From the very same 3D map the operator can get access to other data on the facility security status which in case of a tripped alarm allows monitoring live both the video stream and alarms. Thus the operator can quickly respond to or even forestall critical events.

The system supports client-server interaction with Google Chrome web apps, which means you can monitor and manage the system from any device connected to the Internet.