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Axxon PSIM 4.8.1 Released


AxxonSoft has released version 4.8.1 of the Axxon PSIM software package. In this version, integration of new types of video capture cards has been added, the functions of the Forensic Search system have been improved, and an interactive alarm handling mode has been implemented; in addition, new equipment has been integrated and improvements have been made which increase the stability of the product’s operation. The function for recording vehicles running a red light, added to Auto PSIM 4.8.1, deserves special mention.

Support for the new video input cards StreamLabs FX 116, FX 216, FX 416 and FX 104 SL and TUAN WS16, FX HD4 and FS 115 have been implemented in Intellect 4.8.1, as well as for USB I/O 4x4. The 16-channel TUAN WS16 card with H.264 hardware compression and the TUAN FX HD4 card, which can digitize four Full HD video streams, are especially worth noting, as well as the USB I/O 4x4 device for connecting 4 sensors and 4 actuating mechanisms to a USB port.

A new search criterion, crossing a crooked line (so called polyline), has been added to the Forensic Search intelligent video archive search system. When searching, the user defines a polyline and the direction of crossing, after which the system finds all video fragments in which the line is crossed in the selected direction.

Another key innovation in this version is the Operator Protocol interface object, which allows the operator to handle alarm events interactively, similarly to how it is done in Axxon Smart PRO. When a video detection tool which a system administrator previously defined as alarm-initiating is triggered, the Operator Protocol window appears on the operator’s monitor showing the frame in which the beginning of the alarm event was recorded. The operator can view the recording of this event in the video archive and classify the degree of importance of the event on a three-level scale (Critical Alarm, Suspicious Event, or False Alarm), as well as leave text comments. If the operator does not classify the event within a set period of time (2 minutes by default), the alarm is marked as unclassified. The Operator Protocol also enables searching of all alarm events in the archive with filtration by degree of importance.

In the ACS/FSA management subsystem, the integration modules for the ISO 777 system from Rovalent, the Orion system from Bolid and the Octagram system (previously Legos) have been improved. The Dozor 1-A fire and alarm system control panel from NITA has been integrated, but the Dozor-16 integration module was not included in the new version of Intellect.

A new type of report, All Deferred Receipts, has been added to POS PSIM 4.8.4.

A new version of the package of IP device drivers, Drivers Pack 3.2.3, is included in the Axxon PSIM 4.8.1 distribution files; it supports 540 models of IP cameras and IP video servers from various manufacturers.

You can download the distribution files for Intellect 4.8.1 and the release notes here.