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Axxon PSIM 4.8.0 Released


AxxonSoft has released version 4.8.0 of its Axxon PSIM security platform, which implements several of the company's new creations for the first time.

New functions and technologies

One of the most important new features is the implementation of the VMDA (Video Motion Detection and Analysis) module in Intellect. This has enabled the incorporation of new situational video detection tools using analytical information generated by VMDA, as well as the implementation of the new Forensic Search technology.

Axxon PSIM 4.8.0 incorporates new powerful video analytics tools for detection of line crossing in a user-defined direction (Virtual Tripwire), video motion detection (VMD), stopping in the zone and loitering detection, and zone entry/exit detection.  The video analytics embedded in cameras is also supported, which allows Intellect to handle the events registered by the embedded camera analytics.

Forensic Search technology is an entirely new AxxonSoft creation which enables searching of video archives for recordings which correspond to certain parameters. This makes work with the video archive substantially more effective. When searching, the user needs only to set the attributes by which to search for a video recording, such as area of motion, direction of motion, and color of the object. The Forensic Search system will find all recordings corresponding to the search parameters in a matter of seconds.  There is no need to configure the video detection tools in advance; when you use Forensic Search, all attributes of moving objects are automatically recorded in the VMDA module’s database. The Forensic Search system can be launched together with the video surveillance system or installed over an already launched system based on the Axxon PSIM 4.8.0 software package.

Along with the new video analytics tools in Axxon PSIM 4.8.0, a tool for making surveillance more convenient has been implemented: the Scene object, which enables the user to compile a single panorama out of images from several cameras with overlapping fields of view. This tool helps display extensive detection zones more clearly on the monitor screen.

Among the technical innovations, it is worth mentioning support of 64-bit Windows operation systems and support for several new video input cards: Stream Labs FX2 and TUAN FS15, FX4, FX8 and FX16. You can see the cards’ specifications here.

New integrations

The Axxon PSIM 4.8.0 distribution package includes Drivers Pack 3.1.10, which means that compared with the previous version of Intellect, version 4.7.8 released in 2010, Intellect 4.8.0 has added support for 178 new IP devices.

In addition to integration of IP devices, several modules for integration of fire and security alarm systems and access control systems have been improved, and support for several new systems has been added; these include the Polon fire and security alarm system, the Rosslare ACS, the Altonika RS-202 fire and security alarm control panel, several new Legos ACS controllers, and radiation and chemical control subsystems.

Vertical solutions

The new Auto PSIM 4.8.0 is a complete package of solutions for traffic police. It includes integration with Arena photo and video recording hardware and software packages, the Megapolis automated traffic management system, and Region-Fotovideofiksatsia traffic violation processing software. The capability to maintain a tracking database has also been added. The program’s interface has been redesigned significantly, methods of notification and alarm handling have been changed, and the system for searching in accumulated databases has been reworked.

POS PSIM 4.8.0 has added new integrations with cash register equipment, and a new report subsystem accessed through a Web interface has been developed. This enables viewing of reports from various computers online without creating an Intellect remote workstation.

Complete information about the changes introduced in the new version of Intellect can be found in the release notes. Distribution files, documentation and release notes for Axxon PSIM 4.8.0 can be found here.