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About NetApp

NetApp® video surveillance storage solutions provide superior technology to meet video challenges of data throughput, retention, and access.

Easy to use and easy to scale, NetApp® E-Series storage systems for video surveillance can help you grow from hundreds to thousands of cameras while minimizing storage footprint and management overhead.

AxxonSoft and NetApp Partnership

NetApp teams with AxxonSoft and the leading surveillance camera and software providers to offer fast, reliable access to high-definition video content. With more than 30 years of experience in storage, they built their video surveillance solution on a fault-tolerant design to deliver greater than 99.999% availability. NetApp® video surveillance solutions have no single point of failure, and they provide outstanding resiliency. With more than a million systems sold, and more than 200 patents in place, discover how you can deliver the benefits of enterprise storage for video surveillance and analytics at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Benefits of a Video Surveillance Solution with AxxonSoft and NetApp

The joint AxxonSoft video management software with its intelligent technologies and NetApp® E-Series storage solution provide superior performance and highly reliable storage to meet the advances of next-generation video surveillance and analytics requirements. AxxonSoft VMS is an open platform that provides ease of use, flexibility, and endless integration possibilities for customers. On the back end, and at the heart of a video surveillance solution, is NetApp® E-Series storage, delivering unprecedented capacity, speed, and reliability. With NetApp® E-Series systems high-density modular storage blocks, customers can scale incrementally and without limits. AxxonSoft VMS and NetApp® E-Series storage together offer customers:

  • Consistent high-performance bandwidth for media-intensive video streaming environments.
  • Performance-tuned solutions that deliver high availability.
  • Cost-effective growth.
  • World-class flexibility and scalability.

Key Features

  • Never lose access. NetApp® video surveillance solutions are designed with fault tolerance that is proven to deliver > 99.999% availability.
  • Get the speed you need. Obtain the advantages of high density and high performance in a small footprint.
  • Easy to deploy and support, with support capabilities that give you much easier implementation.
  • Scale without limits. Whether you have 200 cameras or 200,000, NetApp designed its enterprise video storage solutions to scale transparently.