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Cutting-Edge Technology Developed by AxxonSoft to Target Poaching in Southern Africa

AxxonSoft’s Deep Learning video analytics technology is a powerful tool in the fight against poaching. By providing precise and timely alerts, the video surveillance software enables a rapid response and helps protect Southern Africa’s precious wildlife.


The majestic landscapes of Southern Africa are home to a wealth of unique and wondrous wildlife, but their existence is threatened by the devastating scourge of poaching, particularly targeting rhinos and elephants. AxxonSoft, a global authority in security and video surveillance software development, stepped up to confront this pressing challenge with an innovative solution — an advanced Video Analytics–enabled video surveillance system engineered to combat poaching activities effectively.


Park rangers faced an uphill battle against poachers. Traditional perimeter security systems were plagued by high false alarms triggered by animal movement, rendering them ineffective and resource-intensive. Additionally, distinguishing between humans and animals with traditional video analytics proved challenging, further hindering timely interventions. Thus, security staff couldn’t possibly monitor all the events and easily missed real threats, when poachers invaded the park, putting the very survival of endangered species at risk.

“Coming from South Africa, growing up surrounded by these majestic animals and the exquisite plains of the African continent, seeing the destruction that poaching has imposed on my country and the continent is devastating. The protection of wildlife is very close to my heart. I have been in the security and surveillance industry for the past 25 years, and I knew that I had to use my knowledge and expertise to create proactive technology that can aid and impact the antipoaching initiative.”


AxxonSoft’s groundbreaking video surveillance system, armed with Deep Learning Video Analytics technology, offered a game-changing solution. This sophisticated video management system boasted the following capabilities.

Unerring Human Detection

Unlike its predecessors, the system accurately differentiated between humans and animals, drastically reducing false alarms and allowing rangers to focus on genuine threats.

Proactive Monitoring

The system scanned vast park areas tirelessly, constantly vigilant for suspicious activity, ensuring comprehensive coverage even in remote regions.

Immediate Alerts

Upon detecting human presence, the system instantly triggered alerts at security centers, providing critical real-time information and eliminating response delays.

Rapid Response

With immediate notification, anti-poaching units could deploy swiftly, apprehending poachers before they could inflict harm on precious wildlife.

“The global team and I have worked tirelessly to create a system that addresses poaching head on. We have pioneered a new video surveillance implementation of Deep Learning technology, and now it can detect the difference between humans and animals. As soon as there is a breach, the surveillance centre is immediately notified. Cameras are used to identify where the breach has occurred, and they can pick up exactly where the threat has taken place. The guard centre immediately gets all the necessary information, and the antipoaching unit is dispatched. This has proved very successful in preventing killings as the team is able to get to the scene of the crime quickly.”

Benefits and Results

The implementation of AxxonSoft’s Deep Learning Video Analytics technology yielded remarkable results.

Parks embracing the system witnessed a significant decline in poaching attempts. By eliminating unnecessary manual monitoring of false alarms, the system freed up valuable ranger resources, allowing them to focus on patrolling and proactive anti-poaching efforts.

The swift response enabled by real-time alerts resulted in fewer wildlife killings, offering a glimmer of hope for the future of endangered species.

Colleen is also working with British actor and author, Peter Meyer on his various antipoaching initiatives to raise awareness across the UK and Europe. Peter grew up in the South African bush and is heartbroken by the poaching crisis in his beloved country. AxxonSoft is also working with various game reserves and parks across the region to combat poaching in high risk areas. AxxonSoft, Glaeser, and Meyer make a powerful team and hope to change the anti-poaching landscape dramatically in the next few years.